Abyss: Rebirth Phantom MOD APK 1.48.0 (Unlimited Money/Abyss Stone) Free Download

Abyss Rebirth Phantom

Abyss: Rebirth Phantom MOD APK 1.48.0 (Unlimited Money/Abyss Stone) Free Download

The most “beautiful” idle game for Android

Abyss: Rebirth Phantom is struck by a special spot for the first time: when you are too busy, you have no time to continue playing, the beautiful female spirits of your teammates will play for you. They still fight, collect items, and level up as you play. After one night, you open the game with a new stage, the characters become stronger, your money increases. Isn’t that great?
The second reason Abyss: Rebirth Phantom attracts fans everywhere, regardless of gender and age, is because the characters are so cute. All the girls, including the characters and girls you play with, are designed with attractive looks and cute voices. And most importantly, these lovely friends aren’t useless. Wherever you go, girls go there and fight you until their last breath.

Attractive Gacha system and idle play

You have many different types of resources and a Gacha system in the game. This means that in the process of fighting enemies you will have Gacha returns to get valuable items, equipment, clothing, weapons, or maybe a new character.

The third reason I tried this game is that Abyss: Rebirth Phantom is actually a mysterious adventure RPG with a vast world, many characters, enemies and traps, but it’s very easy to play and manipulate. You don’t need to brainstorm or have stressful moments to experience the full and complete experience of a meaningful world adventure in Abyss.

Abyss Rebirth Phantom
Abyss Rebirth Phantom

There are no “complex missions” in Abyss: Rebirth Phantom. All you have to do is listen to the instructions of an anonymous Abyss Angel and follow each step. You don’t need to worry about anything. The game is still beautiful, the characters are still charming and sweet. And as I said before, whether you play it or not, the game is still going well.

But playing idle doesn’t mean Abyss is always good

I’ll go back a little bit to the Abyss story. The story is about you, one day you woke up realizing that your soul “separated” from your body and disappeared into the place called the Abyss. An angel says some prayers to him to briefly explain why he is here and what he should do next in this world (although the angel does not mention why his soul leaves).

You also understand that there are many beautiful girl spirits around you. They are souls lost in the Abyss, just like you, and they have an attractive and beautiful appearance. Fortunately, the game uses chibi-style graphics if a lot of people have to do “nosebleeds”. Each girl has its own story and melodies from it. You will accompany them on the mission entrusted by the angel Abyss: stand shoulder to shoulder, fight against the enemy who threatens to destroy this majestic spiritual world.

Of course everyone agrees. Because if the Abyss turns to ashes even though you haven’t tried to return to the real world, then your soul will also disappear. And from there the fantasy adventure begins in the Abyss world filled with beautiful young spirits. Just play while enjoying fighting in the fantasy world, admire the beautiful landscapes of the Abyss world, and of course watch the beautiful female characters. Because the task is very easy in the game and you almost do nothing.

Abyss is a highly customizable game

The game also gives you the right to choose and customize everything from sound, volume, background music, graphics, characters to whatever feels more fun …

Whatever character, scene or background music you choose, everything looks very elegant, smooth and attractive. The way the girls fight and even the enemy is adorable. Both men and women are fascinated by this game, but I guess the girls will outnumber them because the details in the game are very smooth and it creates very feminine graphics.

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MOD Features

  • limited money
  • Unlimited cliff stones

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