Airport City MOD APK 8.12.15 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Airport City

Airport City MOD APK 8.12.15 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

About Airport City

Airplane games are popular with the gaming community, regardless of the genre. It is clear that flight simulator games like Infinite Flight or air combat like Modern Warplanes are very popular. Because the plane is a machine that helps people reach and dominate the sky.

Airport City is a great choice for airplane lovers. Despite the lack of fierce and bloody battles, it attracts players to 2 modes. You can build a city with big airports and thousands of small and big airplanes. In addition, they will take you around the world in the management process, explore new lands, meet many people and build an airport tycoon.

Build the airport of your dreams

As a management game, Airport City offers players a rich experience in the aviation industry. The most important task of the player in the game is to transform a small city into a modern metropolis with the best and largest airports in the world. To do this, you must first understand how to handle a flight and how to manage an airport. It will not be easy! Because things like runways, air traffic control towers, hangars are very important for building an airport.

Airport City
Airport City

Also, building an airport in a small, narrow city definitely costs a lot of money. Whatever you do, the first step is always very difficult. So don’t be discouraged! You will be very happy when you have the basic facilities and pick up the first passengers. Your next mission is to upgrade and upgrade buildings, have more planes to build the world’s largest airport city.


The main goal of Airport City and any other simulation management game is to make big money and get rich. But to get rich, you have to invest in a large number of airplanes and fly multiple flights everywhere. Each flight will bring you passenger money. With this money, you can use it to unlock dozens of different types of aircraft. From Boeing planes, jet planes or intercontinental airplanes, etc. All of them are very diverse in color and design that you can choose freely.

Airport City
Airport City

However, having many aircraft also means you have to expand the airport, runways and garages to accommodate large numbers of aircraft. In addition, you must pay more than repair, fuel and machinery charges to keep the plane running properly. As the quality of each flight increases, you will have a large number of customers and become rich. Building the world’s largest airport city is a long journey, but look, it’s not that difficult, is it?

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In addition to unlocking new planes, you can discover new places. Build a fleet of planes to enter new lands. Each journey is not just a passenger tour, it is also an opportunity for you to bring back rare treasures. There is a search system that collects antiques and items everywhere. And when it’s finished, you’ll have a special collection that many people dream of.

Airport City
Airport City

Of course, the most important task of a businessman is still getting rich. Therefore, explore more attractive tourist destinations to attract more visitors. You can send missions to space, especially in the process of controlling the sky. This way, you will get more gold and interesting gifts. A real businessman just doesn’t get rich instantly.


Airport City, with its realistic and colorful graphics, takes you to famous places in the world such as pyramids, castles or palaces… It can be said that the improved image quality will help Airport City to be an adventure game, not just a simulation game.

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money

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