Akinator VIP APK 8.2.0 Free Download

Akinator VIP

Akinator VIP APK 8.2.0 Free Download

About Akinator VIP introduction

Do you know the genius Djinn? He is the guardian of the magic lamp, the hero of the story of Aladdin and the guardian of the magic lamp of The Arabian Nights of Persia. My childhood read over and over again the story of a genius capable of fulfilling wishes and making miraculous magic. But besides the Djinn there is another genius, Akinator. Akinator is very similar to the Djinn. Its name is linked to Akinator, the game to guess the character based on data provided by the player.

How to play

Akinator presents himself as a genius who can read an actor’s mind. You will ask you questions, answer it in one of five options: Probably, No Possibly, Yes, I do not know, and No. Each option is a level of affirmation of the genius question. He will collect them, start analyzing them, and make predictions about the character you are trying to portray.
So the question is, when will Akinator collect enough information and make judgments? This depends on your answers. You can see an information meter at the bottom of the screen. When the watch is fully charged, the level will run out and Akinator will respond. But the problem is that the watch can charge or lose information if it responds in a messy and inconsistent manner. Therefore, levels are often more spread out and end with the image of an animal rather than a human.

Does Akinator really read your mind?

Actually, Akinator is a virtual character. He relies on artificial intelligence technology, more specifically machine learning. When it finds and answers some random question patterns, it receives input from you to ask new, relevant questions. Of course, these questions are often directed at a specific character in the real world. The knowledge meter will show if Akinator has enough information to predict that character.

Akinator VIP
Akinator VIP

And as you know, machine learning technology will perform better with training and more data. So, the more you play, the better game performance and faster and more accurate predictions.

The content is pure, suitable for all ages.

Currently, Akinator VIP has four themes: People, Objects, TV, and Show and Animals. So the questions and visuals will revolve around these issues. It is easy to read so you can understand that Akinator VIP has been developed for everyone, including teenagers.

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Akinator VIP has 12+ content ratings based on many questions about gender and sexuality. However, you can let your child play this game with kid mode enabled. The filter will remove inappropriate content.

Prestigious awards

Akinator VIP has 6 awards. You can check out these awards at Aki awards that include black, silver, platinum, bronze, gold and standards. These awards will be given to you as you earn special achievements.

Customize Akinator

By default, Akinator wears a blue suit. If you think it looks boring, you can visit the Customize section. Aboriginal, Dracula, hip hop, gentleman, diver etc. You can choose as many unique clothes.

You can also buy more cute hats for Akinator. Costumes and hats have a price. You earn Ga (in-game currency) so you can buy them.

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