AnimA ARPG (2021) MOD APK 2.6.5 (Free Shopping/Upgrade, God Mode, One Hit) Free Download


AnimA ARPG (2021) MOD APK 2.6.5 (Free Shopping/Upgrade, God Mode, One Hit) Free Download

Enter dungeon, fight demons everywhere

Unlike the more common action RPGs, in AnimA ARPG (2021), the complexity of the levels and the minor challenges are evaluated at an “incredible level”. The protagonist will have to go through many stressful mazes to find and defeat the devil. In each step, in each turn to the left, in each turn to the right, you will find many traps, monsters and powerful bosses. Only when you defeat the boss do you get the clue or key to open the next door in the maze.


Not to mention the dense and wild number of enemies, just finding a way out of the maze in a tense mood and the dark darkness surrounding the character makes you feel tense and suffocating.

Our warrior is very strong with weapons and skills.

When you start AnimA, you choose the character class. The system will give you three classic options: The Warrior (Skifyish), who is very good at physical attacks; a sorceress (Sorcery) can use magic and tame evil spells; an aquarium (archery), every arrow always hits the target. The most important thing here is that you don’t have to worry that your chosen hero doesn’t have the strength or skills to fight demons because you will collect more weapons and learn the skills of the other two classes to improve yourself.

When facing demons, you can fully combine abilities from different classes to bring the power of a powerful 3-in-1 power into the attack phase.
However, this is what is available to all heroes. Along the way, you are tired of finding a way and constantly fighting, but you will be able to hunt many different items in return. Each one brings its own benefits. Sometimes the force increases. Sometimes it increases the battle points, sometimes it is a powerful weapon. In total, there are over 200 cool items throughout the game. Also, there are 8 gems with different properties that, when collected enough, will greatly increase the strength of your Class.


Also, there are demons and bosses in every round. You may be angry that you are always being attacked, but every time the boss drops his head, the loot appears as a reward for the winner. The stronger the boss, the higher the value of the item obtained. You will collect this loot for your treasure, it will be useful to you when you enter the war of final death.

And you also have friends

Usually in this genre of action RPGs, the partner is a person, a warrior or a god. In AnimA ARPG (2021), you will have a friend, a pet, when you have the opportunity to buy a special item called a “seal” in the sculptures located in the center of each maze. Not only are they pure pets, but they also seal magic with ancient techniques secret in nature, helping you increase your strength and fight enemies.

I appreciate AnimA ARPG (2021) for its great graphics and sound.

For AnimA players, the fun comes largely from the graphics. The game chooses a dark tone as the main color and represents a raging world. At the same time, it creates a sense of mystery that is both attractive and tense, it draws the actors into the psychology of the character, there is no way out. However, the 3D effect is so good that all the lights and shadows, the walkway patterns, the footsteps  everything looks clearly sharp and threatening.


The main character and the villain play a decent role, and it is very expensive to express them in rare close-ups. When it comes to weapons, spells, or loot on the go, these are particularly appealing to someone who likes weird things like me. Each weapon is detailed and, when looked at closely, is a work of art. Especially the magic pulse released in the Wizard Class is very smooth and amazing.

Another attractive factor is the background music and sound throughout the game. Especially the songs in which the knife is cut and a pistol is drawn are fascinating. Every time you meet a boss or a villain, the music plays and crackles, so I want to rush into the fight.

MOD Features

  • Free shopping
  • Free upgrade
  • god way
  • A hit

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