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Table of Contents MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) For Android MOD APK –  To do list, Task, Reminders & Planner MOD APK is a productivity app for Android developed by a company based in Israel. You know how Israelis work scientifically! So stands out at the top for a reason. the n. 1 for Android

What age do we live in?
The world we are in, the moment we are born, is already one of time and the races against time. All benefits are for those who know how to use their time in the most complete and scientific way. But with so much information processed in one day and dizzying intensity, can we easily manage everything with just a notebook and pen, just like in the old days?

I can answer immediately it is very difficult. At the very least, the development of technology is to help advance humanity. Believe that a technology application will make you more productive. Typically make a to-do list and daily reminders. It sounds simple, but if you imagine the amount of work per week, sometimes hundreds, then taking notes seems like a waste. You will need a serious technology application, preferably on a mobile phone that you use every day.

What is
There are many apps to help you manage your time, take notes, and to-do lists every day. But which app is being voted # 1 by Google Play publishers? Today I will share with everyone about To do list, Task, Reminders & Planner, the best daily notes app on iOS and Android platforms.

Specifically, is a minimalist app that helps you quickly list your to-do lists for the day and the month, plan for your own purposes, and integrate with a free calendar that includes reminders and verification. It can be called the right hand for busy people without assistants.

How does work?

Organize tasks and to-do lists
In this utility, can schedule and plan each day. You can take a quick daily note of what you will do for the next day or any other day of the week of the month. will automatically include these tasks on the correct date. You can view your work every day, for the next 3 days, or as small monthly notes.

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If the jobs you import from scratch are associated with a specific time zone, will automatically arrange them in the correct order and arrange them vertically or horizontally so that you can actively manage your time. Time of day is best. This is a feature that I especially like during project sprint days.

Or you can also manually highlight the priority / importance of each job. The application will be rearranged in this order.

Reminder mode with many useful options
According to each task, you can choose the reminder mode before working as long as you want, and the system will automatically remind and remind according to the set schedule. The customization runs so deep that you can always choose to remind yourself of a job at by ringing a bell or shrieking. The automatic reminder of the calendar by voice from the application or you can choose a more elegant and subtle way without making noise, it is through a message sent to your phone.

Hassle-free sync function
This feature allows to always sync all to-do lists. This means that at any time, your notes or options are not ignored, but are included with notes that were already available in the past. And it even syncs with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp calendars.

You can also take advantage of a small feature in that consists of sending a to-do list to a private email or Outlook and attaching files, photos, Dropbox, or a Google Drive link. All these details are very conducive to modern work.

Share information, assign jobs, and support teamwork
You can share your schedule and tasks in the app with your friends, family and colleagues to join your teamwork or keep it short on schedule.

And one of the reasons why I choose for daily work is because of its compatibility and integration with many other popular applications today on mobile platforms, such as integration with Google Calendar, Outlook, WhatsApp, Slack, Gmail, Google Tasks, Evernote, Trello, Wunderlist, Todoist, Zapier, Asana, Microsoft to do, Salesforce, OneNote, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Office 365, Exchange, Jira, etc.

MOD APK version of

MOD feature
Premium unlocked

What is included in Premium?

  • Integration with WhatsApp, Slack, Gmail, Outlook, …
  • Customizable interface
  • Unlimited daily planning
  • Color labels
  • VIP support

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