AppLock Premium 3.3.2 Apk + Mod (Unlocked)

AppLock Premium

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AppLock Premium 3.3.2 Apk + Mod (Unlocked)

AppLock Premium 3.3.2 Apk – Fingerprint lock only works on Android 6.0+. Unlock easier and faster.
Blocking the most downloaded app on Play Store. Protect privacy with password, pattern, fingerprint lock.
★ App lock 1 in more than 50 countries.
★ More than 200 million users supporting 24 languages.

AppLock Premium
AppLock Premium

☞ AppLock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any app you choose. Avoid unauthorized access and protect privacy. Provide security.
☞ AppLock can hide images and videos. Hidden pictures and videos disappear from Gallery and only appear in the photo and video vault. Easily preserve your special memories. No PIN code, not possible.
☞AppLock has a random keyboard and an invisible lock pattern. You don’t have to worry anymore, people can spy on password or pattern. Safer!

With AppLock you can:
If a friend borrows your phone to play mobile data games, never worry again!
Never worry about a coworker having your phone looking back into the gallery!
Never worry again if someone reads private data in your apps!
Never worry about kids breaking settings, sending wrong messages or paying game money!


1) How to change the password?
Open AppLock, protect, open settings

2) Hidden AppLock icon, how to open AppLock now?
There are two ways to open it:

Enter #password on your keypad and tap the search button.

2. Browser
open in your browser,

3) How to prevent others from uninstalling AppLock?
Enable Advanced Protection in Protect of AppLock so no one can remove or uninstall AppLock without password. You can disable Advanced Protection when you don’t want it.

4) How to remove AppLock?
Once you enable Advanced Protection, no one can remove AppLock without a password. If you want to uninstall it, disable Advanced Protection first.

5) I forgot my password, how can I find it?
Please update to the latest version first. And then tap the AppLock icon, click the icon in the upper right corner of the lock page, tap “Forgot my password”.
1. With security answer: enter your security answer and click “reset password”.
2. By security e-mail: click “send code to security e-mail”, enter the reset code and click “reset password”.

6) I cannot enter and exit my photo from the safe.
Check your internal storage, if there is only 10% free the system will not allow us to move the file to the vault.

7) Account type
There are three types of accounts on AppLock. You can select this in the Account Center. This is in the left side menu of AppLock.
1. Premium: paid premium features, no ads.
2. AD: free premium features, ads.
3. Basic: free, no ads, no premium features.


  • Lock apps with password lock, pattern lock or upcoming fingerprint lock.
  • Photo vault, hide pictures
  • Video vault, hide videos
  • Well designed themes
  • Custom background, choose a favorite image
  • Default profiles: Unlock all, Guest
  • Custom profiles: set different groups of blocked apps, change blocking quickly
  • Time lock: automatic lock / unlock according to time
  • Position Lock: Auto lock / unlock based on location
  • Hide AppLock icon

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  • Advanced protection: Prevent AppLock from being removed by the task killer
  • Random keypad: prevent people from seeing the PIN code
  • Fingerprint 、 Force-stop cover
  • Lock key (WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data, sync)
  • AppLock widget: Enable / disable AppLock with one tap
  • Quick lock switch: lock / unlock in notification bar
  • Block incoming calls
  • Lock the system settings to prevent children from getting dirty
  •  Block Google Play to avoid purchasing games
  • Allow short exit: no need password, pattern, fingerprint within set time
  • Avoid uninstalling apps
  • Low memory usage.
  • Power saving mode to save battery

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AppLock Premium
AppLock Premium

AppLock will protect your privacy.

Support for hiding GIF, Audio and Files.
Support more SNS in private browser.
Add phone booster feature.
Optimize cloud synchronization.
Add a lot of fun games.

Download : AppLock Premium

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