Assassin Commandos 2 1.0.6 Apk + Mod + Android

Assassin Commandos 2 1.0.6 Apk + Mod + Android

Assassin Commandos 2 1.0.6 Apk – Enemies occupy your land, camp and rampage in your country. You are the killer commandos. This is your challenge, kill the enemy before they kill you, take back your land from the enemy and become a hero.

Assassin Commandos

Assassin Commandos

They have received information about your mission and are ready to kill you. The enemy is alert.
Use all the tactics you have to complete your mission, become the latest assassin commando of assassin games.

Shoot the enemies and become the best assassin commando in the war with the enemy Now!

Assassin Commandos mission

  • Move around, hide behind obstacles like walls, tanks and groves to avoid the enemy’s vision.
  • Attack and destroy the enemy from behind. Be quick, otherwise you will be surrounded and destroyed.
  • For every enemy you destroy you will get money. Use it to upgrade your assassin to be stronger and faster. Can you unlock the fastest assassin?
  • Use the double kill tactic to earn more rewards.

Assassin Commandos feature

  • A relaxing and interesting free game.
  • Fighting anytime, anywhere, without the Internet.
  • Diverse interface, beautiful graphics with different maps.
  • Unique levels crafted with various objectives and enemies.
  • The best game for your Iphone, Ipad or Android phone.
  • Fabulous sound.

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  • The controls are very smooth.
  • Automatic machine guns.
  • It does not access any server.
  • Play Assassin game now. Good luck!


  • The best killer games.
  • Diverse interface, beautiful graphics with different maps.
  • Move and attack flexibly and quickly.
  • Unlock characters with many powers to play in the game.
Assassin Commando

Assassin Commando

Download : Assassin Commandos 2

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