Avakin Life MOD APK 1.050.00 (Unlocked) For Android

Avakin Life

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Avakin Life MOD APK 1.050.00 (Unlocked) For Android

Avakin Life MOD APK 1.050.00 –  you will be able to shop, have the most beautiful clothes, the cutest pets and the most magnificent apartments. Just download the game and get started.

Introduction of Avakin Life: Virtual World

Games that simulate the real world always attract a large number of players. Some of the prominent names are Home Street of Supersolid or The Sims Mobile of ELECTRONIC ARTS. These games give players the pleasure of exploring a whole new world for themselves, allowing us to do whatever we want without paying attention to the rules.

Avakin Life
Avakin Life

Avakin Life from Lockwood Publishing is one such game. The game was released on April 22, 2016 and has reached over 10 million downloads on Google Play so far. You can dress comfortably in the beautiful 3D world, shop, explore and meet, and make friends with other players from all over the world. This is a great opportunity to have a second life by trying to be the person you have been dreaming of.

Create your character
Not only can you choose a character with the right look, but you can also customize his skin color, hairstyle, face, and clothes. A tall, masculine boy with romantic hair and fancy clothes? A cute and cheerful girl who always smiles with the guys around her? A hip-hop guy with a unique “crazy” style? If you have an idea about the character, why don’t you do it today?

Avakin Life 1
Avakin Life

Avakin Life encourages players to create special styles. There are hundreds of hair types, clothes, shoes, skirts, and more in the game. You can buy clothes from the best fashion brands in the world. When you start the game, you are offered some money to buy and unlock some types of clothing you like. Money and experience points can be earned by working and performing daily tasks.

Build the house of your dreams and find a job
Of course. It doesn’t matter what world you have to work in if you want to have money. However, unlike the real world, Avakin Life allows you to choose any job you want without any experience, university degree or any other requirements. Waiter in a cafe? Restaurant manager or taxi driver? Choose your favorite jobs, work hard and earn as much money as possible.

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Not only can you decorate your character, but you can also design and build a house of your dreams. Optionally move furniture and decorations to create space inside the house. This also helps you gain lots of experience points to level up.

Party all night
“Work hard, play hard”. After a hard day at work, night is the time when you put on the most beautiful and expensive clothes and attend the city’s parties, whether at a disco or at a live music party at a friend’s house. If you are someone who likes to meet, go out and chat with strangers, this is a great place for you because Avakin Life has the features of chatting with people around you. Chat and make friends with other players from all over the world.

Avakin Life
Avakin Life

The game is a great community in many different countries. This is totally fine if you are an adult and want to be friends with strangers. However, for young players, this is quite dangerous because there are many opportunities for strangers to interact with you and collect personal information for malicious purposes. Therefore, Avakin Life only allows players over the age of 17.

I have to admit that the Avakin Life graphics are extremely vibrant and realistic. High quality 3D graphics with sharp images in every detail. The view helps you to observe the whole environment. Humans are impressively designed with a series of different actions simulated close to the real world. Avakin Life, an online game, requires your device to be connected to 3G or Wifi.

Download : Avakin Life

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