AVG Cleaner Pro apk Mod 4.21.0 Free Download (Full Unlocked)

AVG Cleaner Pro apk Mod 4.21.0 Free Download (Full Unlocked)

AVG Cleaner Pro apk – Have you ever experience the lack of memory and fast battery consumption rate in your android devices? If yes, then you should find a way to get rid of this problem. Most android users think that fast battery consumption is due to hardware problems. But to be honest, in most cases the problem exists in software.

Your phone exhausted with a lot of junk data and other garbage files. If you experience all these problems then you should use Junk cleaner and optimization tools to make your android devices fast and optimize the battery. You can also download DamonPS2 Pro apk Cracked [Paid] – PS2 Emulator

Here I’ll show you the most productive Junk Cleaner and Optimization Tool. AVG Cleaner Pro apk is one of the best tool for Junk Cleaner and Optimization. It helps to keep your android device running smoothly and fast.

AVG Cleaner Pro is the advanced optimization tool for android devices developed by AVG Mobile and has more than 50 million installations. With AVG Cleaner, you can speed up your android device by cleaning optimizing multiple factors. Let’s take an overview to find more about his app. You can download this android app at the end of this page.


AVG Cleaner Pro apk is an advanced Junk Cleaner and Optimization Tool with a lot of attractive and productive features. It is a smart device optimization & manager. It allows users the memory management and battery management.

With AVG Cleaner Pro paid apk, you can clean your android device by removing junk files or any garbage data. It helps to free up your memory hence providing you the more space for data storage. Saving battery or less battery consumption is a dream for every user, people tried to get their phones charged and have no time for charge again and again, and AVG Cleaner Pro has a battery saving feature that optimizes your battery that will help to save battery.

AVG Cleaner Pro

AVG Cleaner Pro

Optimize Your Files:

With AVG Cleaner Pro apk, you can optimize your files by deleting duplicate files, photos, videos, and others. It automatically deletes duplicate files and also helps to access your files manually so you can delete the files which you don’t want to keep.

Clean Junk With Junk Cleaner:

AVG Cleaner allows to delete unwanted and junk files. You can run the Junk Cleaner which will clean and delete all garbage and Junk files. This will keep your device running smoothly and fast.

RAM Cleaner and Memory Booster:

AVG Cleaner Pro Plus apk offer to clean cache files, removing junk files and other identity apps that slow your phone. This will clean RAM and clear the memory hence your device will have no junk files in RAM and memory will boost. Cleaning RAM will give better performance and long battery life.

Advanced Application Remover and Manager:

Removing already installed apps that usage frequency is less and take more battery and mobile data will give you better performance. AVG Cleaner Pro apk allows you to remove the apps that slow down your android device easily. Following are the build-in apps in AVG Cleaner Pro cracked apk:

  • App Analyzer

App Analyzer allows you to identify those apps which consume more battery, mobile data, memory, and RAM. You can easily remove these apps by identifying each app and make your android phone better optimized.

  • App Remover:

With this, you can remove any apps that slow down your device. All apps will show in a list with complete detail and you can simply remove unwanted apps.

  • RAM Cleaner:

Clean the RAM from garbage data and make better performance of your android device with the help of RAM Cleaner just from one tap on the screen.

  • Cache Cleaner:

AVG Cleaner Pro paid apk have a cache cleaner module in which you will clean the junk files and cache and make your device health-up.

AVG Cleaner Pro plus

AVG Cleaner Pro plus

Battery Optimizer and Saver:

AVG Cleaner Pro apk helps you to make your battery long life and optimized. Removing junk files, cache and other unwanted data & app will extend the battery life.

  • App Hibernate:

With this, you can suspend or close background apps and save your device battery and mobile data.

  • Battery Profiles:

Build-in battery profiles allow you to select the battery profiles like low, home, car, work or you can make your own profile for battery usage. You can set the alert by selecting the different levels of the battery. You can also set tasks when your battery about to end, tasks like turn on the “Battery Saver mod”, turn on “Airplane Mod” and other tasks.

Analyze You Phone with One Tap:

With AVG Cleaner Pro Plus apk, you can analyze your whole device by just tap on the Scan Button, after scanning you will get the results of your phone like amount & size of garbage or junk files, cache, apps, and other files.

Application Overview:

You can have the Application Overview where you can check multiple factors like Usage Statistics, Draining Apps Analysis, Apps Size Analysis and other such factors related to apps. You can keep track of the apps by sorting as RAM Usage, Memory Usage, Mobile Data Usage, Stored Cache, and Junk Files. Also, you can have “Quick Boast” future which will optimize your device with minimum time.

Picture and Photos Analyzer:

You can analyze your picture and photos with AVG Cleaner Pro apk full version download. In this, you can find duplicate photos or corrupt photos and optimize your phone by just one tap or you can manually analyze your pics and delete them by selecting all such type of photos.

System Information:

With AVG Cleaner Pro, you will have the full information and specs of your android device like processor info, RAM, ROM, android version, android built, your phone skin, available disk space, RAM usage, IMEI number legal info, and activity logs.

AVG Cleaner Pro plus apk

AVG Cleaner Pro plus apk

Features of AVG Cleaner Pro apk:

  • Remove Junk and garbage files: This will allow you to remove the Junk files.
  • Battery optimization: Optimize your battery by app hibernate on just one tap.
  • Saving Battery: Save your battery by clear junk files and unwanted apps.
  • Get more free space: Free up more space by clear all junk and unwanted data.
  • Long and extended battery life: Get extended battery life by removing all garbage files which will use less battery hence gives you better, and long battery life.
  • Picture or Photos Analyzer: Analyze your pictures and decide which you can remove.
  • Remove unwanted and less usage apps: You can remove apps what slow down your device.
  • System Information: This give you all detail and specs of your android device.
  • RAM Cleaner: Clean the RAM from cache files and other such data.
  • Battery Profiles: Use build-in Battery profiles like low, work, home and driving.
  • Assign Tasks if Battery is low: You can assign the task to your device when battery is low or critical.
  • Apps Overview: This will show you the status of all apps installed in your device.
  • Improved Device Performance: All the above features will give you better performance and smooth running of your device.

How to Install AVG Cleaner Pro apk:

Before you install this, you must ensure that your device meet the minimum requirement. After this, you have better network connectivity so that you don’t have problem while downloading. Once you have download this app from our site now you just follow the steps described below:

  • Remove all previous version if you have
  • Allow installations from unknown sources in settings
  • Tap on the file that you have downloaded from any site or this
  • This will take the few seconds based on your android device, wait the few seconds and installation has been complete.
  • Open the app and optimize your android device. Enjoy…
AVG Cleaner Pro apk mod

AVG Cleaner Pro apk mod


At the end, just take the quick information about AVG Cleaner Pro apk mod.  It is tool to make your android devices to run smooth and fast. You can clean all junk & garbage data, clear caches, identify apps that slow down your android device and uninstall unwanted & less usage apps. Also, it clear RAM from junk data, free up more storage, save your battery and make battery life extended. At last, you can have full information and specs of your android device. All the above features make this tool the best for device optimization.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here you will see the most frequently asked questions about AVG Cleaner Pro apk.

What AVG Cleaner Pro do?

AVG Cleaner Pro is a tool for android devices which is used to optimize the android devices by cleaning junk files, removing unwanted apps, free up space, clear RAM, saving battery and extended battery life.

Is it safe to use AVG Cleaner Pro?

AVG Cleaner Pro is the best tool that is used for android device optimization. Your device will be safe and give you the best performance when it will clean by this tool.

What is the cost of AVG Cleaner Pro?

AVG Cleaner Pro is free of cost but some build-in features cost you some money. But here you can download the completely unlocked version which don’t need any money.

I’m using the older version of AVG Cleaner, do I need to uninstall the previous version to install this new version?

YES, in order to install this new version of AVG Cleaner, you must uninstall the previous one.

How to close the AVG Cleaner Pro app after use?

You don’t need to close this app, it will run in the background and have no load on your device. But if you still want to close this app you can close this by go to the SettingsApp Management and disable the app.

Technical Detail of AVG Cleaner Pro apk:

  • Name: AVG Cleaner Pro apk
  • Category: Productivity
  • Version: 4.21.1
  • Android: 5.0 or above
  • Size: 24MB
  • Developer: AVG Mobile

Download AVG Cleaner Pro apk:

You can download AVG Cleaner Pro by clicking download buttons given below:

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