BADLAND MOD APK (Unlocked All) Free Download


BADLAND MOD APK (Unlocked All) Free Download

BADLAND is an adventure game genre from the publisher Frogmind. The game has been rated excellent by iOS and Android players over the years. After playing the game, you’ll understand why addiction is so complex for many reasons.

The game is simple but very fun and addictive.

Like classical stereotypes, BADLAND has gameplay that couldn’t be simpler. When playing on a mobile device or tablet, you have one task: tap, hold the screen and move your character over the obstacles in the game. It can even be played with one finger, so basically this game is extremely fun and can become a daily reward for young children.

However, everything has its downside. Rule and control is simple, but the game’s challenges and obstacles can drive you crazy. You have to make sure that you always go forward, you cannot go back as the screen is constantly moving to the right. Scenes flow, if you don’t move in time and you get stuck between the screen and an obstacle, you will die in it. Game over!
I forgot to mention the main character. I don’t know what it is. My son said it’s a hedgehog, looks like an owl. Regardless, usually the character’s name is Clony. It’s a very iconic and meaningful name. Get into the game, everything is still simple at the beginning, you have to jump, fly and fly to easily overcome obstacles.


This game is really “BAD”

Starting from Stage 2-3, BADLAND reveals its original form as a “bad game” with all kinds of traps, enemies and obstacles. However, wherever Clony goes, he will save some of his comrades, sometimes a cute little Klony, sometimes even a bunch of black Clones. The most painful thing is that they will follow you without leaving a half step. Klony’s life was exhausting, he was going through the forest to live every day, but now you have to look after many Klonas. It sounds simple or maybe you think “playing with friends is fun”.

But the truth is:

  • Little Clony wouldn’t really work, he wouldn’t help Clony.
  • And little Klony’s presence will be very distracting and confusing. Especially when they fly up and down they spread above and below the screen, they look really impatient.
  • And until you die, they will continue to follow you, whether you plan to walk away or not.

This is also a new factor and an indirect challenge that bothers the player to the fullest.

Not only that, BADLAND ruined the game, but also designed a series of dangerous death traps. For example, sharp cliffs, dead-end forests…. You should always keep your Klony as balanced as possible. If you fly too fast, you won’t be able to get there in time when an enemy or obstacle unexpectedly appears. If it’s too slow, it will soon fall behind.
However, the game sometimes offers some gems that you think are worth it. It gives you some special abilities instantly. For example, a gemstone with which you get extremely high speed when you eat it. Many people like this skill, but I don’t. I feel so out of control, sometimes too fast, I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. But thankfully, apart from this brutal jewel of acceleration, the dropped items more or less help Clony get through the ride more easily.


What’s wrong with the game? In another level of BADLAND, there are pills to enlarge your body. Honestly, in real life or in the game, if you are of a large size, you fly very slowly, not to mention how you can get through the game’s dangerous little slots. Finally, a chubby, fat Clony was hopelessly stuck on the screen.

But if you are an impatient person, you get angry quickly, sometimes you want to trash your phone. It is true that every time Clony dies, he is reborn in the place where he died. You have to play it over and over so that your inhibitions continue to grow exponentially.

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But there is an insanely addictive feeling, especially 3 modes.
Because in addition to the easy game I just mentioned, you can play in BADLAND in 3 different modes: Single Player, Co-op and Versus.

Single Player: You play alone against the challenges of artificial intelligence.
Cooperative – By playing with your friends and family, you are allowing up to 4 players to play at the same time.
Versus: You can play with up to 4 people, but they compete with each other to see who can go the longest and live the longest. When there is only one person left, the game will pass through a new stage and four players will start a new race.

MOD Feature

  • All Unlocked – All levels are unlocked.

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