Badlanders 1.1 Apk + Data for Android + Mod (Money)

Badlanders 1.1 Apk + Data for Android + Mod (Money)

Badlanders 1.1 Apk – Badlanders Open Beta Testing Starts Today!
Badlanders, welcome.



Here, on the ruins of an ancient great civilization, scavengers fight for treasure and glory.
The Red Beach Sanctuary once housed the world’s most advanced weapons technology, but in the face of natural disasters, it became a beacon for the preservation of science and technology for all mankind. However, it was short-lived when war broke out and the preservation plan collapsed.
The only thing left on that bloody beach are massive ruins, competing scavengers, and endless opportunities … Brace yourself and prepare to enter the hot zone of wealth and danger.

Escape is all that matters
25 badlanders, each with their own goal, enter the battlefield. Take on enemies head-on to strip them of their loot, or slowly build up an arsenal of chests scattered across the map. But don’t get too distracted, you’ve come to fetch some valuable loot and get it out in one piece!

Loot, shoot and bet on life and death
Do you enjoy the adrenaline rush of intense encounters? This battlefield is for you! Whether you’re armed to the teeth and enjoying an advantage in battle, or simply relying on a knife in hopes of catching someone off guard and stealing their gear, war is always the quickest path to riches. . Here, some get rich overnight while others lose everything.

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Upgrade equipment, build an arsenal
How to increase your chances of survival to get more loot? Upgrading your equipment can be a good idea. Weapons, armor, grenades … All upgrades can be brought to the battlefield. But beware, the older your team, the more you’ll attract the attention of other badlanders eager to get rid of it.

Real weapons, assembled your way
Many of the ultra-realistic firearms have various accessories and attachments, some of which even support customizations. Experience the extreme freedom of firearm mods!

Open market, open economy
As a seller, you are free to sell the loot you got from the battlefield, you could even choose to play the role of a merchant, reselling items for profit. As a buyer, you can purchase more powerful gear to give yourself an edge on the battlefield, allowing you to earn even more loot. Even microtransaction items can be resold for the marked price.



[Look System] now available. Explore more character costumes and weapon skins.
Improved [Character Options]. Launch of the new female character.

Download : Badlanders

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