Badminton League MOD APK 5.20.5052.6 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Badminton League

Badminton League MOD APK 5.20.5052.6 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Introduce about Badminton League

Besides football, badminton is also my favorite sport. This is a sport that requires at least two players. To start a match, you need a large enough playing field and a friend. We don’t always have enough time, place and players to play this sport.

Badminton League is the most prominent game about badminton on Google Play and App Store. This game is completely free to download and install, you can download the game’s APK file from the link below the post. Also the MOD version allows you to buy and upgrade completely free of charge. If you’re free and curious about this game, check out the information on Badminton League.

How to play

Maybe I don’t need to talk about the rules of this sport. Basically, when you play Badminton League, you are a badminton player who just started your career. You bring glory to your country by helping the athlete beat all rivals and win the olympic badminton championship. You can choose your country and then play as an athlete representing that country. This feature helps players feel proud when they win.

Badminton League
Badminton League

Before starting the game, you must create your own character. The game allows you to customize three things including the athlete’s hair, skin color, and gender. Generally, there are many styles to choose from. Badminton League matches are based on a compensatory format, meaning you will be playing against any player (or AI). The player who gets 5 points wins. So every set counts if you want to be a winner.


Badminton League control is very simple. There are 5 buttons on its screen, including right, left, smash hit, hart hit or short hit. The buttons are designed to prevent the player from pressing the wrong button and do not take up too much space on the screen.

Badminton League
Badminton League

Simple but that doesn’t mean everything is easy. You must learn to act logically and beat your opponent. To win, you must always be focused, react quickly, and read the opponent’s intentions. You can understand where to aim by watching their movements.

Education, update

Exercise is the most important element of an athlete. Badminton League offers you a training mode that allows you to practice difficult techniques. You will compete with an automatic machine, fire the steering wheel automatically and you will be able to apply different types of hits.
Don’t forget to equip the athletes with the best accessories. The game has a variety of costumes, accessories, and sneakers to choose from. There are 3 stats athletes need to improve including endurance, technique and agility.

Badminton League
Badminton League


You can play all Badminton League modes at all levels, including Match, World Cup Super Team, Tournament, 1 vs 1, Training. You can play both online and offline. Invite your friends and compete in 1vs1 mode by connecting over the Wi-Fi network.

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Also, the World Cup Super Team is where you play against players from all over the world. This tournament is not inferior to the Olympic tournament in which the best players in the world are honored.


Badminton League has simple and stylish graphics in terms of graphics. Graphics and pictures are not very realistic and extraordinary, just average.

Badminton League
Badminton League

However, this gives you an extremely interesting experience. In addition, the physics and movement are very smooth, no lag. As a result, the game runs easily on many Android devices, including some weak and average devices.

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money/Diamonds

Download : Badminton League

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