Banana Kong MOD APK (Unlimited Bananas/Hearts) Free Download

Banana Kong

Banana Kong MOD APK (Unlimited Bananas/Hearts) Free Download


The classic platform game, however, makes you addicted at all times.

With a ridiculous yet elegant story, Banana Kong, the game was truly born for mobile. Mobile game addicts often play in a variety of genres, and one of the addicting genres is non-stop running like Banana Kong. In order to kill time, smartphone users who sometimes open games should try Banana Kong once. Because it is extremely fun.

Banana Kong
Banana Kong

Banana Kong’s plot is ridiculous but so elegant that I don’t want to copy it. Kong is a cute chubby monkey. One day, while he was wandering in search of bananas, there was a loud noise behind him. He looked back. A huge landslide was coming from behind. But this is a mountain full of a banana peel that could scare our Kong and crush anything. So he ran wildly as fast as he could.

While running, Kong does not forget to eat bananas to maintain health, feed energy to increase strength, change clothes, or learn more skills to overcome obstacles. And of course the road is full of obstacles like rivers, crocodiles, cliffs, raining rocks …

Kill time but it may excite you

The issue and the situation is exactly that. But if you really focus on the game, you get addicted sometimes. Because the developer cleverly puts in a series of “side dishes” that will make you fall in love with the “main course”.

To increase the level of excitement, Kong will have some friends to help our monkey during a difficult time in the race. The birds help Kong fly over the cliff. The boars are helping Kong escape from the enemy very quickly …

Banana Kong
Banana Kong

And to once again increase the stimulus level for the player, the developer has cleverly integrated many areas into the game scene, such as simply running in the tunnel, then looking at the green forest and then having to cross a small river to reach it. the other shore… Thanks to him, every race is not boring, sometimes even a sudden brain tension. The deeper you play, the harder the obstacles, the variety of terrain and the speed of the banana peel mountains behind you increases, so the player has to speed up the whole road and be very careful to pass the stage without chips.

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Not yet, the more bananas Kong can eat while on the move, the more energy bars soar. All energy can be transformed into special powers such as high jump, long range to more easily overcome obstacles. Or bananas can also be used to upgrade upgrades. Some skills like running, jumping, diving, swimming and using magnets to suck bananas need to be developed. Improve the appearance of shop-bought items along the way, such as hair, hats, glasses, shoes, jackets …

Beautiful graphics, catchy music

The music is not very diverse but very catchy. The rhythm changes flexibly and sensibly, tension and a little rush increase, so you always remember “don’t just worry about eating bananas, banana peels are about to overflow”

Banana Kong
Banana Kong

Another part of Banana Kong’s appeal is the graphics. Baby Kong is chubby and charming. His belly is big and his movement is very soft and cute. On land, river or air, the green forest landscape is very delicate, plain and green.

The background details are reasonably arranged perfectly and the color scheme is smart. This is a point that I really like in Banana Kong, if you haven’t played, just check this out, you’ve had a lot of fun. It’s like reliving the feeling of playing as a kid.

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Bananas/Hearts

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