Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures MOD APK 2021.2.0 (VIP Unlocked) Free Download

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures MOD APK 2021.2.0 (VIP Unlocked) Free Download


Present about Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is a simulation game for kids published by Budge Studios. According to the recommendation, this game is for children between the ages of 6 and 12, but adults can play it as well as it has extremely interesting content. The game includes many fun activities for a girl (boy) such as fashion, dating friends, cooking, cooking, barbecue parties, pool parties and more. This game is inspired by the television series of the same name. The film is about the lives of Barbie and her sisters, including Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures
Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

How to play

Barbie just got a new dream house and she’s awesome! With all the luxuries you can imagine, including a kitchen full of food, elevators, rooftop pool and home theater (with a popcorn machine for everyone). There are also some extremely fun and cool household items like a “super fast” cooking machine, a virtual mirror that lets you see your outfit at a glance, and stairs can turn into a slide. Outside there is a lush garden where children can plant trees and water the seeds and see firsthand the growth of flowers, fruits, vegetables (even sweets).
Barbie’s life is a dream life for many people. Every day is a happy day with lots of activities for Barbie. You can learn how to bake a cake, throw a party, or even join a group. In the afternoon, you can play with your pet and have fun with your friends.

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What fashion style do you like?

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is really for fashionistas. The game encourages you to create many new and unique styles. With Barbie, you can choose from a wide variety of fashion styles, from a princess in a gorgeous dress to an energetic girl in jeans and sneakers. In addition to the fashion of the characters, you can decorate and design Barbie’s room. There is no limit to creativity in this game.
We will discover!
Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures includes a number of great things. Kids can walk around the house, discover new surprises in every room, or immerse themselves in the fun every day by playing with Barbie and her friends. This group of friends can do yoga, watch movies or have a snack.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures
Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

A small thought bubble appears in a character’s head, expressing their desire, such as reading a book or eating an apple. They can help complete the activity to earn a heart-shaped balloon. When they reach the heart enough, you will receive gifts, usually a small gift like wallpaper or paint to decorate the house and make it yours.

Join the VIP Club

Upgraded to the VIP Club package, Barbie and her friends can explore many more activities that promise endless hours of fun, such as the pool party, fashion photo booth, rock band and hairdresser. Not only that, this pack also provides access to many other costumes, gifts, characters, and pets so Barbie will have all the friends and adorable puppies to play with. Below this article we present you Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures (VIP MOD Unlocked). You can download and install it for free. Enjoy!

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures 3


I have to admit that Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures has very nice and animated graphics. Incredibly sharp, high quality 3D graphics make me want to watch a Disney movie. Barbie and her friends are beautifully and beautifully designed. Also, you will enjoy fun music while playing games. Barbie also has a voice similar to the original animation, it sounds very nice.

MOD feature

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