Basketball Stars MOD APK 1.32.0 (Perfect Shot, Backboard Hit, Lucky Ball, Dumb BOT)Free Download

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars MOD APK 1.32.0 (Perfect Shot, Backboard Hit, Lucky Ball, Dumb BOT)Free Download

Basketball Stars – I just play basketball, why the graphics are so good

Beautiful characters, impressive and attractive 3D modeling

It is not a new theme or a new game compared to basketball games currently available on different platforms. But Basketball Stars has a unique way to stand out from the crowd. Experts conclude that the game has deep, detailed graphics and meticulous 3D graphics. The six-sided muscles and movement look very smooth, like real people, as most clearly seen from the clear lines on each player’s faces.

And in particular, Miniclip now emphasizes the development of Basketball Stars as “for smartphones only” because the competition on this platform is still quite small. There aren’t many sports games, especially those that specialize in basketball. This is seen as a smart move and has helped Basketball Stars build a strong position quickly.

Basketball Stars
Basketball Stars

The first task everyone cares so much about is to choose a team and equip them with some basics. Dressing worthy of a basketball player in the future is something to remember, but if it’s not easy to be flashy or boring, you will lose interest. You can see various items such as professional basketball costumes, accessories, and “gear” are blurred or highlighted in this section, which means you have to accumulate points to buy gold to trade.

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I have to write a few lines of note, referring to the bottom. Basketball Stars game uses two main types of funds: cash and gold bars. Gold is used to accumulate experience points and level up players. And the money goes to buy rare items like I mentioned above. The more money you have, the more skills you will have and the more tournaments and competitions you will have. And when it comes to the right level, the opportunity to face or challenge the world’s best actors (names and appearance based on real-life characters). There will be an extremely glorious title to win, and some money to keep fighting in other tournaments.

How to play?

Basketball Stars stands out even more in the game than games in the same area. There are two game options in the game according to the preference of each person: One is offensive-defense and the other is shooting in the run. Offensive-defense is the usual way of playing basketball. The player will continue to run on the field, win the ball, throw the ball and pick up the ball, and then win again, and this will continue until both teams reach the top before the round is stopped.

In the shooting career mode, the way he plays and moves is the same as before, except that each match has a specific time. When the time is up, the team with the most points wins.

I’m not a fan of sports games but I have to admit that Basketball Stars is pretty attractive when I try to play it. The strongest impression I just mentioned comes from the graphics and creative gameplay that this game has, unlike basketball games I know of before.

MOD features

  • Perfect Shot
  • Backboard Hit
  • Lucky Ball
  • Dumb BOT

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