Big Farm: Mobile Harvest MOD APK 7.7.20169 (Unlimited Money/Seeds) For Android

Big Farm

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest MOD APK 7.7.20169 (Unlimited Money/Seeds)

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest MOD APK 7.7.20169 – Download Big Farm: Mobile Harvest APK and immerse yourself in the vast and peaceful countryside.

About Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

Farm games always bring something peaceful and extremely attractive. There, players will become a real farmer by doing daily farming tasks such as planting, watering, harvesting, feeding the chickens. There are many farm games around the world, including a few key names like Hay Day. , Farmery, Sky Garden … The games I just mentioned are developed on a 3D platform, for something new, today I will present another game with very light 2D graphics that can be played on most phones with iOS or Android.

Big Farm
Big Farm

Here is Big Farm: Mobile Harvest, one of the first products of Goodgame Studios, a developer with over 300 million users worldwide for its products. The game tells the story of an old farm that Uncle George gave you with a passion for farming, you have to manage it and turn it into the most productive farm in the area.

Become a real farmer
In Big Farm: Mobile Harvest, your job is to grow plants, harvest and care for all the animals on the farm. You can harvest agricultural crops while they are harvested, or you can turn them into produce and sell them in the market. With income, add your own production facilities, expand green areas, build more animal shelters and decorate your farm.

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As in other farm games, plants grow every hour, so you have to wait until they mature (can be purchased at the store) or use fertilizer (available from the store) for them to grow faster. Planting and harvesting plants is extremely simple, just touch the bare soil and plant seeds in it. There are several plants in the game, each with different harvest times, amounts of money, and EXP you get.

Big Farm
Big Farm

To increase the attractiveness, Big Farm: Mobile Harvest has a quest system that you can complete and receive attractive rewards. General tasks, planting certain plants, fertilizing, feeding animals …

Sell ‚Äč‚Äčagricultural products to friends
Every day, virtual characters visit your farm to buy some agricultural products and handicrafts or sell useful goods for very low prices. You will have a small store to sell your own products, set the right price and invite your neighbors to buy your products.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is different from other farm games when it comes to developing simple and colorful 2D graphics. The competition program of a large and peaceful farm in the countryside. The functions are compact, reasonably simple and easy to use.

Main Features

  • Build your own dream farm with beautiful artifacts and decorations.
  • Self-cultivation and harvesting of favorite plants
  • Be neighbors with other players from around the world.
  • Take care of beautiful animals: chickens, cows, pigs …
  • Connect with Facebook and Google
  • Simple graphics, deep sound

MOD APK version Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

MOD Features

  • limited money
  • Unlimited seeds
Big Farm
Big Farm

Note: MOD version is out of date and no longer working. Play the APK and wait for the update. Or try other games like Hay Day and Farming Simulator 20.

Download : Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

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