BitLife Mod apk 1.25.1 for Android (Unlocked Bitizens)

BitLife Mod apk 1.25.1 for Android (Unlocked Bitizens)

BitLife mod apk – Do you know every decision you made has some consequences? Every step you took in your life have some outcome, whether it is positive or negative, it’s your choice to live your life to your ways. If you want to experience life from childhood to old age and to know the outcome of your actions and decisions in life then you should try the best simulation game here with BitLife apk.

BitLife mod apk is a simulation game developed by Candywriter, LLC with more than 10 million installations. The game is about the simulation of life where you can experience your life from childhood to old age. Let’s take an overview to know more about this game. You can download this game at the end of this page. You can also download Booty Calls Mod APK (Unlimited Cash/Diamonds)


Everyone’s life is important and has some stories. You don’t know what will happen next? How it will happen?. People always want a happy life, and that life is based upon the decision and action of people. BitLife mod apk is all about life, it is a simulation game that will give you like the real-time experience of your life.

Story and Gameplay:

The game is all about the real-life experience, it is based on novel games. The game is based on characters where you are responsible for the action of each character listed in the game. The game consists of a series of events that you can select.

In BitLife mod apk, you can start with your childhood life where your mother will take you to the hospital for vaccination, now it’s your choice whether to obey your mother and take the vaccination or disobey your mother biting your mother hand and protest. You can tap on the age button to increase the age of the character and see interesting things in the future.

BitLife apk mod

There are four basic indicators for each character BitLife apk download which are Happiness, Health, Smarts and looks. Every factor is important in your life and Health is the most important indicator because all you have to do is live your life,  so when you will have good health you can earn, make love, play, and a lot of things but if your health is not good you can do nothing and will die soon.

Keep in Mind the Consequences:

BitLife mod apk helps you to experience the life of your own choices so make sure you made the right decision or action. You can make the right choices or actions and make yourself a model citizen. You can marry someone you loved most, have kids from her and have a good education. Or there is some total reverse, you can make choices to cheat your parents by disobeying them, you can choose the life of crime, do bad things, cheat on your friends & spouse, smuggle drugs and get yourself into jail.

All you have done by making your choices, choices can be good or bad. You should keep in mind the outcomes and consequences of your action or choices ad then you can change your decision accordingly.

Becoming Adult 18+:

When you will be the 18-year-old adult, this is the most important time for your life. BitLife mod apk offers you to make the right choices at this age. You can choose what study you have to make for professional life or you can go to the military or you can earn money and left the study behind. All is depending on you and the feature will depend on your current choices that you will make.

Professional Life and Wealth:

Professional life is the key to success for the future of your life. Your profession will determine your wealth and your professional will depends on your previous choices which you made after 18-year-old. BitLife mod apk time machine will give you chances to make your professional life good, and once you will have a good profession, you will earn good, eat good, wear good and will live the rest of your life in peace and luxurious way.

You can use your money to invest in real estate and casino. On the main menu, you can tap on Assets to manage your assets and properties. You should have more than 18 years old to have assets and properties.

BitLife apk

BitLife apk

Find Your Love and Get Married:

In BitLife mod apk, after you have a good profession, now you can find your spouse or your love. Find the true love, date with him, make him/her believe in yourself and now its time to get married. You can make a happy family with your beloved spouse, have kids and make them happy. Just remember that one mistake will destroy your family. So make sure you have made correct choices.

Design and Interface:

The design and interface are stunning in BitLife apk Mod, everything display on the screen, events will come each year will show on screen, series of characters and features of each corresponding character.

The Time Machine:

Have you ever wanted to go back into your life and change the past? Of course, you did wanted to. Everyone wants to go to the past to fix some bad choices. The Time Machine is a tool for you to do so. But in real life, it’s impossible. But the good news is, you have a time machine in BitLife mod apk. You can go back to the past one or two years back and can fix the bad choices you made.




Lastly, BitLife apk is one of the best simulation game in which you can experience the choices you make in life. You can make the right choices by having a good education, love someone, get married to someone, start good business and have become a model citizen. Or you can start your life by ditching your parents, cheat with your spouse, get involved yourself into crime and die soon. Remember this game is all about the choices.

Mod Features:

  • Unlocked Bitizenship
  • Unlock VIP Features
  • No Ads
  • Bitizen features and icons (only for bitizen)

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Frequently Asked Question:

What is BitLife mod apk?

BitLife apk is the simulation game where you can experience the outcomes by making your choices.

What is the cost of this game?

BitLife is free of cost, you don’t need to pay any money but you have to pay for Bitizens available in-game.

What are Bitizenship?

Bitizenhips are build-in tools for in BitLife including biological bitizens, half bitizens, adopted bitizens and step bitizens.

Technical Detail of BitLife mod apk:

  • Name: BitLife mod apk
  • Category: Simulation
  • Version: 1.25.1
  • Android: 5.0 or above
  • Size: 88MB
  • Developer: Candywriter, LLC

Download BitLife mod apk:

You can download BitLife apk mod by clicking download buttons given below:

APK File 1.25.1

APK File [Mod] 1.25.1

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