Black Border Game APK 1.0.28 For Android

Black Border Game

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Black Border Game APK 1.0.28 For Android

Black Border Game APK 1.0.28 – Have you ever dreamed of being a cop as a kid? Come to Black Border Game: Border Cross Simulation APK is a game that will help you experience the life of a real Border Patrol officer!

Black Border Game
Black Border Game

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Black Border Game is a simulation game developed by Bitzooma Game Studio, a studio known for its high quality indie games. This game was released for PC only, but was released on the Android operating system in 2020.

In the game, you will play the role of a police officer who passes a selection and joins the Border Guard. Here he accepts his duty to guard the border in the city of Altai. His job is to watch the door while checking the documents of passersby. It sounds easy, but dealing with illegal goods smuggling and dangerous criminals will be difficult for you. Discover exciting stories about criminal gangs, wars in the underworld.

Black Border Game
Black Border Game

How to play
The main phase of the game takes place in an inspection booth where you will have to examine the papers of those who want to enter Alan’s country. The conversation between you and the people will constitute the content of the game.

Some people are not allowed to cross during checkpoints, and you should also be wary of criminals disguised as civilians. Your job is to thoroughly review each person’s papers. Some tips will help you with these tasks:

  • Check each person’s name on all papers.
  • Expiration of passports, entry permits.
  • Examine their faces closely with photos in the newspapers.
  • Get a full body scan for weapons and illegal items.

The game will feature over 1000 different characters, but only about 50 of them directly influence the story and play an important role in the game. However, the opposition side in strange costumes will also create interesting things for the actors.

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The opposition faction are mysterious organizations operating secretly in the city of Altai. Greedy rulers believe that Alan’s country is weakening because it is complicit in corruption. So they got up and decided to free Alayan, and they promised to stick to this ideal. At this point, you will have to make a decision: participate in supporting the opposition’s activities or stick to the current situation. There is no distinction between good and bad between the two sides, you have to choose for yourself the side of your ideal where you feel good.

Can you overcome the temptation?
You are a highly privileged Border Guard inspector. So you will be given attractive offers from different characters throughout the game. There will even be illegal things like dealing and exchanging prohibited goods and bribes. The offers are attractive when they help you earn a much higher income than a police officer salary. The pressure will be on your shoulders because there are family expenses and tuition fees for children each month. Always consider making your own decisions. These decisions will affect the story and the ending of the game.

Hide your identity to exchange confidential information
Whichever side you choose for yourself, you’ll need to hide your identity to communicate with opposing groups. If you are loyal to current rulers, hiding among the opposition will give you important information to overthrow them. On the contrary, if you are on the side of the opposite group, camouflage will help you communicate and carry out activities to support your organization. To communicate with each other, you must play and complete mini games on the console to send encrypted messages.

Black Border Game
Black Border Game

Explore dark conspiracies
The life of a true inspector will not be that simple, as the game progresses, you will discover more of the dark conspiracy behind your missions. More than that, the game will challenge you in really difficult and dangerous situations. With the primary colors of red and black as well as extremely sharp high-quality visuals, the game looks like a gang movie full of horrible things.

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