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Black Desert

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Black Desert Mobile APK 4.3.55

About Black Desert Mobile

As we all know, Black Desert Mobile, the most anticipated mobile version of Black Desert, is available for download in Korea this year. And the most exciting thing is that the game aims to spread its impact to the international market this year.

2018 is the year of game graphics and gameplay that sets it apart from the rest of the world. This is also the year when many PC games were converted to mobile platforms such as Tera, Blade & Soul, and most recently Black Desert Online. Black Desert Online is one of the most beautiful MMORPGs for PC. When Korean broadcaster Pearl Abyss appeared on the mobile platform with the trailer, the graphics are rendered even better than the PC immobilizes the players.

At the Gamescom 2017 event in August, developer Pearl Abyss released some information for Black Desert Mobile (검은 사막 모바일). The game will likely debut in January 2018 in Korea, and current pre-registration has already begun. Black Desert Mobile is not a miniature version of Black Desert. A completely new experience and a completely different gaming experience.

Black Desert Mobile
Black Desert


Black Desert Mobile tells the story of a conflict between two opposing countries, the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. Previously, the four main regions of Calpheon, Serendia, Balenos and Mediah were peaceful. Things changed when Valencian merchants brought the Black Death, millions of people died. People are aware that Valencia causes everything. Calpheon formed a coalition and began its 30-year war.

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How to play

Basically, players will transform into one of five main classes while playing: Valkyrie, Witch, Ranger, Warrior, Giant. These characters are extremely impressive and help the players easily guess the traits of each character.
The game Black Desert Mobile has a certain difference, this is the most important feature that allows the game to create its own charm. A number of special abilities (such as Blade and Soul) that require the player to aim at the target with a targetless mechanism similar to the PC version, along with jumping, dodging will bring fierce battlefields with a crazy rhythm. you will hardly be found in other mobile game products.

In Black Desert Mobile, players can use a total of 8 skill cells. Since the number of skills is more than available cells, the player must select the preferred skill and place it in the cells. Navigating the game is similar to the PC version, players can run or ride a horse.

In addition to graphics and high-speed gameplay, Black Desert Mobile offers many other cool features such as pet training, gardening, gathering, fishing and more. It is available in the wild and allows you to create rare items to use or trade with other players.

Black Desert


Black Desert Mobile has been introduced with five character classes, including Titan, Huntress, Paladin, Knight, and the most recent, Hashashin. Each character class has its own advantages and uses separate weapons. In this way, they create their own advantage in battle. Some weapons are for power, some are for speed, and some can attack enemies from long distances.
Overall, the plot and gameplay haven’t changed much from the original version, but each character class has different equipment, weapons, combat skills, and some special missions.

Additionally, Black Desert Mobile allows you to customize your character with a high level of detail. You can change the height, body composition, hairstyle with details such as eye style, skin color, eyebrow length and more.

Build your camp

Besides fighting enemies, you can rest and have some fun in your own camp. There you can improve your skills, construct buildings, help the workers expand and upgrade the camp faster.

Boss hunt

Boss hunting is one of the most popular activities in Black Desert Mobile. Bosses usually appear in certain parts of the world, and players can gather there hoping to kill him as long as the boss appears.

If you kill the boss, the player will receive valuable rewards that will be left to him. Kzarka is one of the toughest bosses. She is known as the Lord of Corruption. He will constantly seize opportunities to destroy the world. Don’t let Kzarka hit her target because you’re here to kill her.

Black Desert
Black Desert


Black Desert Mobile has a great graphics platform thanks to possible optimization, the game also uses Engine technology that has been successfully implemented beyond d.

You will see the shape, the movement of each character is extremely flexible and beautiful, leaving a strong impression on the audience. In short, Black Desert Mobile is likely to be the best mobile game ever on the mobile platform.

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