Blade Bound MOD APK 2.13.7 (God Mode, One Hit) For Android

Blade Bound

Blade Bound MOD APK 2.13.7 (God Mode, One Hit) For Android

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Blade Bound
Blade Bound

Blade Bound is an online action RPG with PVE and PVP modes developed by Artifex Mundi. This is a completely free game that was released for PC on November 9, 2017. And about two years later, the game was finally released on iOS and Android. This is very good news for mobile gamers. With its beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay, this game has attracted a large number of players with more than 1 million downloads on Google Play.


The darkness begins to cover the human race, the heroes are killed by traitors. You will transform into a Blade Bound to ultimate ruin to kill traitors and hunt down dark forces. However, the dark forces have a very powerful army. Many heroes died, the mission seems to have failed.

Blade Bound
Blade Bound

The moment you fall into darkness, the powerful goddess Sentinel brings you back. With the help of the goddess, you return to the dark world, fight against the army of demons to end the war, bring peace to mankind.
Despite the support of the goddess, on a path full of hardships and difficulties, the dangers are always hidden. You will have to deal with giant golem monsters, speedy assassins, cursed wizards, demons and wild beasts. In addition, each general of the dark forces will protect a tower, you will have to overcome many difficulties to find the dark lord.

How to play

Blade Bound was developed in hack and slash game style, you will simply run, fight, kill enemies, attack and crush those who threaten the human world.

Blade Bound
Blade Bound

The control is also very simple, similar to other MMORPGs, you will move the character with the joystick touch button located on the left side of the phone screen. There will be a single button attack button and five special ability buttons on the right. Even if you don’t know how to move, this game will show you everything.

Tattoo Supplies

As the last human warrior, you must become stronger by crafting weapons, armor, crafts, and some items for combat. Not only that, but you can also upgrade your gear to take it to the next level with powerful features to fight the enemy. However, materials can only be obtained by destroying enemy monsters. Therefore, you will have to deal with monsters, kill them, buy equipment to make a good team.
Brute weapons are not enough to fight the forces of darkness with a mysterious force. You have to be an elemental warrior to be stronger. Mastering the fire element will help you burn your enemies and eliminate darkness. Also, the water element will help you to fight the fire-type monster more easily. There are other elements in nature that you must master. Linking elements to elements makes the elements stronger.

Blade Bound
Blade Bound

Events (edit)

This is a game that requires internet connectivity, so Artifex Mundi has added weekly and monthly events to easily win a good team. Join, fight and get many attractive gifts.

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Furthermore, Blade Bound also allows you to compete with other players in the arena to see who is the strongest warrior. Fight with your friends, get good rewards.


Blade Bound, with extremely beautiful 3D graphics, is rated one of the AAA graphics quality mobile games. The effects of the skill in the scene of the character image are meticulously designed. You will fight in many different scenes such as ghost forests, abandoned mines, frozen caves, abandoned monuments. I can’t believe it’s a game on the phone because it’s really cool, but you have to wonder if the demand for setup is high. I will give the recommended settings of this game below.

This game requires some requirements for your device for a smooth experience, at least the Android version must be 4.4 or higher, 2GB of RAM and 1GB of free memory.

MOD Features

  • god way
  • A hit

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