Blokada APK 5.11.1 For Android


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Blokada APK 5.11.1 For Android

Blokada APK 5.11.1 For Android – Blokada Slim Ad blocker MOD APK is the best ad blocker app currently available on Android 6+. The advantages of Blokada are not only to provide the most comfortable browsing experience, but also to help save battery life for your phone to the point where you should be surprised.


Blokada – The Best Battery Saver and Ad Blocking App for Android

Ads are not only annoying, they also drain your battery
If you know all the advantages and disadvantages of advertising models that your phone has to “endure” every day, I’m sure you will download and use Blokada Slim Ad blocker right away.

First of all, mobile advertising disrupts web browsing. When you watch a video, play a game, watch the news, a silly ad appears in the middle of the screen covering all the content you read (watch). Nobody likes that. No one.

Second, a series of constantly popping ads cause your phone’s battery to drain very quickly due to the amount of memory they accidentally enter your device.

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Third, there are heavy user tracking systems behind all kinds of large and small ads (Google and Facebook cases are enough for you to understand how awful these systems are). Your privacy has been compromised (victim does not know).


And finally, the ads are always full of ransomware, sometimes spyware, or some kind of “tech virus” that accidentally touched your phone, your phone will be scanned and tracked.

Blokada is an ad blocking app that I recommend using now before it’s too late.
Blokada Slim ad blocker is currently the leading ad blocking tool on mobile platforms (especially Android 6 and above). It works exactly as the name suggests: blocks ads and increases battery life.

This app is trusted by many, from hobbyists to professionals, because (of course) the app is easy to install, fast, free to use, and open source based. Roughly, this means that the system will always be automatically updated with new updates with new code that deals with new ad formats or new ransomware. Download and use only once, nothing is needed.

Using Blokada Slim ad blocker and starting it is quite simple:

Download Blokada from APKMODY or Google Play.
Open the app, change the blacklist, change DNS and other items to match your phone’s current state. Then press the activation button to execute. It’s done.
Why can block ads block ads and save battery life?
Blokada works like other ad blocking programs that use VPN on Android to block auto or system ads. But the difference is that instead of filtering all traffic data for ads, Blokada only filters DNS traffic. This way it blocks ads, monitors and removes malware for the phone, and helps to effectively save battery, thus balancing the device’s battery life.

Note that once you enable it, you should also look at the corner of the screen to see if Blokada is working. When enabled, there will be a switch icon and usually an orange shield icon in the status bar.


Blokada also has many powerful features that will help protect your phone.
In addition to blocking ads, Blokada can also help prevent malicious websites from entering your phone in any way. You can find more information on how to use this feature in the review videos on Youtube.

MOD APK Blokada version

MOD feature

  • Plus Unlocked – Coming Soon.

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