Bomber Friends MOD APK 4.20 (Unlocked All Skins) Free download

Bomber Friends MOD APK

Bomber Friends MOD APK 4.20 (Unlocked All Skins) Free download

Introduce about Bomber Friends

If your childhood has been associated with arcade games, you probably know the legendary bomber game Bomberman. With its simple gameplay, easy to understand but extremely interesting game, the game produced in 1983 easily created a storm at that time. What did I mention about Bomberman? Bomber Friends is considered to be the most successful version of Bomberman for Android devices because of the game I presented to you today.

Bomber Friends is the most popular Bomberman game on Google Play. Hyperkani’s game has reached over 50 million downloads on Google Play, and this number is constantly growing. While playing console, you needed four friends to play Bomberman. If you play alone, your only option is to play with the AI. With Bomber Friends, the game allows you to play with online players from all over the world. You can invite your friends, form a team, and fight with other players.


Bomber Friends
Bomber Friends

The story begins in a small town where our heroic Bomber lives a peaceful life with his friends and family. But those quiet days did not last long. Orcs attacked the village one day. They destroy everything, kidnap all the villagers. Their friends were taken to a distant place; The land was divided into several small islands, including Meadows, Deserts, Cursed Fortress, Winter Valley. You will help Bomber adventure through strange lands, fight monsters and save his friends.

How to play

The gameplay of Bomber Friends is not that different from the classic Bomberman games. You control the character moving in a maze and planting bombs to break bricks. When you break a brick you have a chance to get some upgrade items. Some bricks cannot be destroyed, you must use this to “trap” the enemy in a prison with bombs and brick walls.

You use the joystick on the left to control the character’s movements, and the right button helps you place the bomb. The controls are not complicated. The important thing is that you have to find tactics to beat the entire opponent. I think you should focus on collecting a lot of items in the early stages of the match. When you have more bombs, the range of the bombs becomes wider and you have an advantage over your opponents.


To bring gamers the experience of the classic Bomberman franchise, Bomber Friends won’t make much difference if you’ve played the original games on the console. The game has classic 2D graphics with nice effects. Also the sound is pretty good.


Bomber Friends
Bomber Friends

Bomber Friends has three currencies, including gold bars, diamonds, and coins. Goldbar is the currency that helps you purchase certain in-game items. Coins help you upgrade characters, while diamonds help you unlock epic characters and items. You can also buy gold and diamond coins. However, you can only get diamonds by completing missions or purchasing cash.

Customize and upgrade characters

Only if bombing is boring. Bomber Friends offers you an in-depth system of character customization and upgrades. You can use Coins to improve your character.


Classic mode: The system will match you and three other players in one match. Destroy all opponents to win.

Adventure Mode: Find the key to open the secret door and help you advance to the next level. Each level has a number of monsters that make your journey difficult, you can defeat or ignore them. Help Bomber on his journey to find his friends and family.

Bomber Friends Adventure 1024×473
Multiplayer mode – you play against other players online. There can be 6 or 8 players in this mode. Defeat all your opponent to win. After 30 seconds, the walls will collapse, the map will shrink.

Reversi Tournament: Paint the whole map with bombs. You cannot break brick walls in this mode. The player with the most pictures wins when the time is up.

Team Battles – Players are divided into two teams. You and your teammates must defeat all members of the enemy.
Customize and upgrade characters
Only if bombing is boring. Bomber Friends offers you an in-depth system of character customization and upgrades. You can use Coins to improve your character.
Bomber Friends is an online game and it’s completely free. Therefore, you may see ads to increase the amount of gold bars received after each match. However, sometimes advertisements annoy the players.

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MOD Feature

  • Our MOD version unlocks all glasses, hair, eyes, faces, costumes. You can freely customize your character.

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