Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD APK (Unlimited Money) For Android


Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD APK (Unlimited Money) For Android

Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD APK – Bully: Anniversary Edition (MOD Unlimited Money) is an action game from the famous publisher Rockstar Games. The game is a fun and interesting school story.


Specifically, you’ll play the role of Jimmy Hopkins, a mischievous kid. In the game, you have the opportunity to return to school age and do many things you want to do during school days. You will go up against the teacher, you will intimidate others, you will conquer the girls at school … and there are many other interesting things waiting for you.

Funny school story

After 10 years of release on PC, Xbox360, PlayStation 2, Bully has officially launched its Anniversary version on Android and iOS. With the reputation of establishing himself in his first year (2006), Bully will once again bring back many great experiences for actors with fun and engaging school stories, especially for children sitting in the school chair.

Specifically, you’ll play the character Jimmy Hopkins, a mischievous student with a history of being suspended 7 times in a row. His impatient nature, tyrants, and mischievous Jimmy quickly became the limelight of Bullworth Academy. To protect the academy’s reputation, teachers will also try to prevent this and do their best to protect it. You will be tasked with being the most powerful person in this academy and taking revenge on your traitor, Gary Smith.


Bully: Anniversary Edition is an open world for players to freely travel through the game and participate in missions. This can be considered a game from the school version of GTA as it allows you to play with everything in the game. The controls in this game are also extremely simple, with slider buttons and a button function that interacts with objects, it won’t take you long to get used to it.

Functions in Bully
The game is extremely attractive due to its various game features. You can participate in side quests, classes, mini-games, or use items that will cause mayhem in the school. The game includes the Scholarship version so you can use previously unlocked items. In particular, you can store game data in the cloud so you can continue playing on any other device.

Bully includes many exciting activities, including a multiplayer game mode. You can challenge your classmates with mini games like boxing, marathons and many other exciting games. And of course you can challenge anytime, anywhere. Participate in activities to earn money and buy what you like in the store.

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In the context of the school, Bully: The Anniversary Edition also allows you to attend theoretical and practical classes. This will make you feel authentic in every detail, as if you were in school. But there is a difference, the subjects do not help you succeed in games to apply for school acquisition campaigns. Let him feel the feeling of going back to class.

Bully: Anniversary Edition has impressive graphics. Compared to the Scholarship version 10 years ago, this version has been greatly updated. Rockstar games focused on details and characters to make the game’s graphics more impressive. The graphics of this game have a higher resolution than before, dynamic lighting, shadows and effects have also been improved.


For all people, school time often preserves their most memorable and wonderful memories. Students often play naughty and crazy games that teachers and parents never thought about. And if you want to relive that feeling, Bully: Anniversary Edition is the game you’ve been looking for. The game will give you memories of student life you may have temporarily forgotten.

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