Call of Duty: Mobile APK 1.0.20 For Android

Call of Duty

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Call of Duty: Mobile APK 1.0.20 For Android

Call of Duty: Mobile APK 1.0.20 – There are quite a few games called Call of Duty in the mobile game market, but these games do not give players the best experience as they are not an official version. Recently, Activision decided to enter the mobile market when it announced that it would collaborate with Tencent to develop a Call of Duty mobile game called Call of Duty: Mobile APK via Variety.

Call of Duty
Call of Duty

About Call of Duty: Mobile

One of the main brands of FPS games in the world as well as other games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Brothers in Arms … The war-themed game is inspired by the image of the soldiers on the battlefield. , glorious victories and even victims of soldiers.

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Currently the alpha version of the game is being tested in China, players need to use Chinese IP to save Call of Duty: Mobile APK. Perhaps they want to improve the issue and create a stable release before posting the issue globally.

Be a great soldier
In Call of Duty: Mobile, you become a soldier and participate in the most realistic battle on mobile. With the brutality of war, you must fight, defeat the enemies, to earn life for yourself and your teammates. The game’s HUD continues to use familiar MFI style FPS games, with virtual navigation keys on the left and some function keys on the right. You can change the HUD in Settings if you want.

CoD Mobile home screen
Like the PC / console version, the game offers you classic Call of Duty modes like Team Deathmatch, Frontline, and a few other modes. Challenge other players from all over the world, join the most destructive war on mobile. In addition to the mods, Call of Duty: Mobile also has some optional player maps such as Natuown, Crash, and Hijacked. What’s the good news? Zombies mode is available. You can choose Campaign or Story mode.

Call of Duty
Call of Duty

Weapons as a Soldier – Weapons are an indispensable companion on the battlefield. The firepower of the weapon is important, but the most important is the ability to use it. Activision, SMG, MG, Sniper, Rifle etc. Updated many known weapons such as. Don’t stop here, you can continue to develop and customize your favorite weapon, like adding some type of Scope like Red Dot, Hodo, or using some Supply. Silencer, bullet, etc. As it drops.

Speaking of characters, you can choose from iconic Call of Duty characters like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Game; It encourages you to develop your character by improving and unlocking advantages, weapons, abilities or enhancing your character’s aesthetics with some colors or aspects. Create your own “Super Soldier”.

Call of Duty,

Great graphics quality
I cannot deny this. Call of Duty: Mobile uses Unreal Engine 4 graphics technology and offers you a great visual experience. From the pictures above, it can be seen that the graphics in this game are quite similar to Tencent’s famous survival game PUBG Mobile. Could Tencent have “borrowed” Activision’s graphics? The buildings, trees, tanks, helicopters … are designed to resemble real wars from the past. Also, bomb effects and sound effects make the battle even fiercer.

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