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Car Launcher Pro

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Car Launcher Pro APK For Android

Car Launcher Pro APK –  is an application for launching and managing programs in the car. It is not only designed for use in cars, but can also run on Android-based phones and tablets. That’s why it is on our application list.

Car Launcher Pro: Launch the car from your Android phone

What is Car Launcher Pro?
A few years ago, this sounded like a crazy developer idea. But now, with a powerful app like Car Launcher Pro, crazy ideas are coming true more than we expect every year.

Car Launcher Pro
Car Launcher Pro

Car Launcher Pro was created to launch and combine many different programs and apps in the car and be completely controlled via a mobile platform. Literally speaking, he grabs the phone, sweeps a few lines, the car is ready before you roll over. No need for a complicated touchscreen, trouble buttons that take a long time to start the car. Everything can be done by phone.

So specifically, what can we do with Car Launcher Pro?
Using the Car Launcher Pro application is, as I mentioned earlier, “start the car before it rolls”. From A to Z maps, GPRS to speed tracking, current weather, Google map, traffic jams… all will be available directly on your phone in a few easy steps. Five minutes before you get in the car, imagine that you can press the remote control to unlock the car on your way to the basement. In this modern life, these devices are suitable for the modern generation that is always racing with time.

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With Car Launcher Pro, you will do more than you think:

  • Launch all software and apps in the car with just one button of the Home button in Car Launcher Pro.
  • Add as many apps as possible to the widget widget section. As long as you have free space in your memory.
  • View folders, manage and view applications in a clear, easy-to-understand directory tree.
  • Edit, rename, move or delete existing apps in the tool software.
  • GPRS, weather forecast, radio, Google Map, etc. Simultaneously show vehicle tracking functions such as. People behind the wheel, professional or not, all need this feature. Typically, if you skip the app, each item will appear in a different place. Finding every button is exhausting. Now, Car
  • Launcher Pro helped bring it all together. Just lift your phone to see them all. The slightly dimmed vehicle display doesn’t matter either.
  • In particular, the vehicle speed display function in Car Launcher Pro is very powerful. Everything about speed can be displayed clearly with a single tap: current speed, distance traveled, how much time to get there, average speed. You can even control the maximum acceleration threshold for the vehicle, for example from 0 km / h to 60 km / h, which means maximum 60 km / h or close to 100 km / h depending on the setup, the app will report this. you automatically slow down.
  • Still, the app saves the above speed information in its own memory, and you can easily access it whenever you want. This feature is useful in situations where you need to review your travel history or want to compare fuel costs over a period of time.
  • In short, application is a must for fun. Car Launcher Pro will have a variety of themes and color shades for you to choose freely according to your mood. Do you think this is not necessary? Try to mess up one day and still have to go home, then you will understand. The car console of a beautifully colored mobile phone will provide some comfort.

    Car Launcher Pro
    Car Launcher Pro

You can also choose the application’s screen font, date formats, and switch between the information sections on the screen. Usually small but very sensitive.

Download : Car Launcher Pro

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