Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK 6.1.4 (Unlimited Diamonds/Tickets) For Android

Chapters - Interactive Stories

Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK 6.1.4 (Unlimited Diamonds/Tickets) For Android

Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK 6.1.4 –  Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK is a visual novel game from the publisher Crazy Maple Studio. This game is for those who are looking for love because there are romantic love stories in this game. You will play a character and immerse yourself in an emotional love story.

Present in chapters: interactive stories

Choose your own love story
Compared to My Dog Girlfriend and My Nurse Girlfriend (with only one story), Episodes: Interactive Stories has a huge collection of stories divided into many different categories. Do you like a romantic story about a girl who befriends her brother and brother? Love story between a nerdy boy and his best friend since childhood? Or a normal girl and CEO of a big company? Everyone is in this game.
Love stories are categorized as Sweet, CEO / Billionaire, Bad Boys, Mystery / Thriller, Fantasy, Fake Relationship…

You can choose a story you like and immerse yourself in the romantic story. Also, the game ranks the most popular stories at the top of each category. So you can choose the most outstanding love story from Chapters: Interactive Stories.

How to play
Gameplay of visual novel games is not very complicated. You will spend each episode in a very relaxing way that will appreciate the way you enjoy a novel. Chapters: Interactive stories are told with images and lines of the main character. You have to help him find ways to flirt and seduce the man of your dreams.

Chapters - Interactive Stories
Chapters – Interactive Stories

Chapters: Interactive Stories currently has 149 books. The game follows the story, but it doesn’t mean the game takes you into an existing story. There are many knots in each story, and you can choose to advance the story in any direction you want. As a novel, love stories are neither true nor false. Each of your choices leads to a different end. It can be happy, it can be sad, it is entirely up to you.

Each story has an explanation so you can find games with content to suit you.

Customize the character
Apart from romantic love stories, Chapters: Interactive Stories is also well suited for fashion fans. Before starting the game, you can customize the character’s appearance, clothes, hairstyle and skin color. And when your character attends an event or party, you continue to choose the appropriate costumes for that event. While the character’s wardrobe doesn’t affect the plot much, trust through looks can help you generate more unique ideas.

Chapters: Interactive Stories is a series of stories told through 2D images and text. I was very impressed with the way they designed the characters, they all look so beautiful. Also the background is designed in great detail with many colors. The game has some music to suit every story, but it doesn’t affect your experience too much.

Hardware Requirements
Chapters: Interactive Stories is a game that is not too demanding in terms of hardware, as it has 2D graphics and a fairly simple gameplay. You can play with most Android devices, including mid-range phones. The memory requirements are not huge as the size is only 100 MB.

  • The game is compatible with Android 4.1+.
  • Memory requirements: 100 MB.
  • Internet requirements: yes.

MOD APK version of the episodes: Interactive Stories

MOD Features

  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlimited tickets

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