City Takeover MOD APK 1.7.1 (Unlimited Money) For Android

City Takeover

City Takeover MOD APK 1.7.1 (Unlimited Money) For Android

City Takeover seems like a child’s game, but the details are serious.

City Takeover
City Takeover

It can be said that City Takeover is a super short and youthful version of the RTS genre. But don’t let the appearance fool you. It looks like a cartoon, but the game is quite serious and every movement of the character is very personable without any jokes. You will transform into an optional animal of your choice, and the task is to unite all the existing buildings to continue building and making it more monumental.
Besides the facilities, you must also develop your own powerful army to crush all the rivals in the environment. The game has only one player mode and the opponents are AI characters. This way you will learn everything around you, plan your own movement, connect buildings, adjust your forces to consume the least amount of energy and obtain the fastest results.

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Turned into cute animals

The game offers some default initial options with cute characters like belly bear, bulldog, tiger … And during the game, depending on the accumulation point, you can continue unlocking to select another character.

Our characters depend on their points and abilities to possess different attack weapons and defense tools. Of course, you have to buy it, but choosing which one to buy for each stage of infrastructure construction and military development is also a very demanding choice. If you don’t want to be in a “no beans rubbing against each other” situation, you need to consider it carefully.

And of course, free stuff is never a good thing, that is, weapons that don’t require money to buy, just looking for fun but can’t fight. It is better to read the description of each item carefully and earn enough points for each item to be purchased. You shouldn’t waste money.

City Takeover
City Takeover

Do not hesitate to enter other people’s houses.

This is practically illegal, but at City Takeover it is clear. Like it or not, you’ll still have to sneak into someone’s home just to get a glimpse of the situation inside or to fight a group of soldiers to get some essentials or trade items … it’s also a little and cute from The developer. This is one of the reasons why you decided to create a pet character. Any errors can be ignored.

Seriously, but it also takes a lot of tricks to play

The game is short and the rules are quite simple, but in order to build castles and armies quickly everyone needs to write some quick tips below:

City Takeover
City Takeover
  • Beware of gray buildings. The first time you play, you should take advantage of the immediate occupation of gray buildings (similar to houses with only background and not yet decorated) near your location. This will help you build troops faster than if you were trying to fight your neighbors. Not to mention, when enough points can turn these gray houses blue, they are faster and more durable because they have a good background.
  • He looks back for great dangers. When you arrive at the scene, turn your gaze to find the source that could pose the greatest danger to you, usually large buildings and many soldiers hiding in it. A good tactic is to destroy all the small buildings nearby so that the enemy does not have a branch, consider isolating them, and then fight these large buildings with all your might.
  • It will help create a network of connections to travel between the buildings below and protect them in the best possible way. That way, I can quickly replenish and send troops to save the besieged points. If the grid is too much to take out some areas of the screen, it is sometimes a good idea to check all the areas to make sure your opponents are not ambushing your buildings.
  • You should take advantage of your ability to freeze the opponent without spending too much money and neutralize the enemy. If necessary, destroy it completely or freeze it to heal.
  • Starting a war with a group of messengers. As in ancient warfare, when starting a war you must send a group of soldiers to act as messengers and vanguard. The goal is to see how good the enemy’s will to win and the enemy’s strength is. Then go back to observe and create a specific attack strategy.

MOD Features

  • limited money
  • Ad free

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