Clan N MOD APK 1.1 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Clan N

Clan N MOD APK 1.1 (Unlimited Money) Free Download


Clan N: The good and evil of the Far East

An action game with a good story.

The game revolves around the main theme, the battle between good and evil. And just like the Angels – Demon legend often found in such epic legendary games, you know that Demons were angels before they became demons.

About Akuji, a samurai from Clan N, Klan N. Akuji made the exploration for fun. But suddenly he realized that this world is only normal outside, but within the three factors that make up the whole field, there are contradictions that are always boiling inside Peace, Knowledge and Time. This means that when one day one of the above three factors fails to connect in harmony, this world will go to ruin.

Clan N
Clan N

Considering this, Akuji started applying the dark technique to draw the aura of heaven and earth. Akuji finally came to an end, and everyone knew what he was: sexual intercourse with animals appeared, endless greed and became a beast. Then they learned, they fired him (Ninja has Ninja rules). Greed + magic + hate + knowledge, this man wants everything that everyone in the world wants, all come together and form a hurricane, killing all happy Clan N in the past, only 4 survived (four of your character). Before setting up a new base, he didn’t forget to kill an unfortunate Ninja who used to be friends and then absorb the aura. So now extremely powerful, strong enough to cover the entire gloomy atmosphere of the entire world.

Fortunately, the four lucky Ninjas survive and, using each other’s strength, constantly improve their skills and one day develop the true Ninja magic to defeat the famous final boss Akuji.

Clan N
Clan N

Behind Clan N is a great ideal that hiccups all epic hearts

As you read the description of each character to choose from, you will be guided to different parts of the story. Old fights, family quarrels, Akuji’s bad way and the four main characters living together… Everything will come out slowly. Ultimately, you get one goal to explain the survival and combat dynamics of the four heroes. The four agreed and worked together against their common enemy, Akuji. Because, as the monk Tarou said, “we are not only swinging swords at each other anymore, but we also swing our swords to save the world.”

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The world is mysterious, people are full of magic.

First of all, I want to go back and talk about the title of the game. Naming the game is an art, you know. Set it attractive, easy to remember and write. The N clan can do it all. Usually I am not interested in such small prints. However, after reading the name and hearing the explanation of the name, I was really impressed and fascinated by the game.
The world is beautiful and full of “technology”.
I want to talk about the gameplay and the Clan N emoticon. The game currently has 50 extras, no enemy count, and 7 different levels, including minor challenges along the way. This is what epic mobile game addicts have always wanted. The more accessories and details there are, the more expensive the game will be.

Clan N
Clan N

Although it is an RPG game, a certain classic genre, fast-paced fighting style, dangerous attacks, and very modern games like that of the future, samurai costumes are extremely eye-catching. These two points make the Clan N use a new old vase that is very attractive and easy to get “drunk”.

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

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