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Clapper APK 5.4.1 For Android

Clapper APK 5.4.1 For Android –  is the application I would like to recommend to you in this article. It is a social media platform for watching and sharing videos like TikTok. Want to know the melodies surrounding life? Would you like to discover current trends? Do you want to know what everyone is doing? Join Clapper now!

Presentation about the clapper

With the rise of social networking sites, people can entertain themselves, read the news and discover new things everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok are the most popular platforms in the world, but beyond that, new platforms continue to be developed and born. Although not as powerful as previous platforms, they work pretty well and are noticed by everyone. Especially the Clapper.

Community to share fun videos, trends, talents and stories
Clapper works according to three criteria: heard, seen, rated. So what are the meanings?

For the first criterion, the others are listening to you. You can create a small community with your followers to share daily stories and ideas about what is happening in your life. And you see, if you can’t share them with your friends or family, you can share them on Clapper. Everyone will listen to you and you don’t have to worry about everyone’s judgment.

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With the second criterion, you can also follow other people to see what they are doing. Clapper is growing successfully in which many famous people have joined. Clapper will present a list of recently active users with the most attention and the most followers. If you want to know more about them, visit their profile to view their videos and previews!

For those who have used TikTok before, you probably know that the platform only allows 15 seconds of videos to be shared / uploaded. In some cases, videos can be 60 seconds (1 minute) long. Probably, this leaves Tiktok and its users limited. Some users are dissatisfied with the video being too short, which makes it impossible for them to share what they want to say in more depth. Clapper significantly increased the length of the video, namely 3 minutes. I think most users prefer a well-translated, content-intensive video over a short video.

And finally, Clapper and the community of other users will thank you and your talent. You can use your creativity to create content that is engaging, valuable to the community, can set trends and attract more viewers. Clapper is happy to cooperate with you to make money together. If you want to know more about this monetization feature, please log into the app and find out now.

Why should you use the clapper?
The second reason to use Clapper is because the platform is ad-free. Do you feel uncomfortable when you are having fun, watching things you love but being interrupted by commercials? Or interrupt the video you’re watching? Clapper is ad-free and therefore a great app for watching fun videos.

One last reason is that Clapper updates correctly and quickly. You can access trending videos, popular activities or current news in the region and the world. Videos can be played randomly based on popularity and user interest. You can also configure an area to access content from that region.

Download : Clapper

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