Clash Quest APK 0.72.75 For Android

Clash Quest

Clash Quest APK 0.72.75 For Android

Clash Quest  you will command your army to fight and defend the kingdom. Ready to attack other players to get the booty.

Clash Quest officially launched on Android

After the success of Clash of Clans, Supercell continued to develop strategy games with similar gameplay and also became “hit” games loved by millions of players around the world. The Clash Quest that I will present below is a reference.
This new strategy game was recently released. There is no global version yet, and as a result, the keyword search for the title of the game has increased significantly. Clash Quest is like proof that the strategy games developed by Supercell bring a new wind to gameplay, content and make a deep impression. If in doubt, why not download and play now?

How to play

Clash World is a great place where powerful kingdoms coexist. However, the conflicts between them seem to never end, and this prevents people from living in peace. As the leader of the kingdom, you will unite the entire world of Shock, leading your army to fight the rebels.

Clash Quest
Clash Quest

Basically, Clash Quest is a turn-based strategy game. There were wars one after another between the two armies. The goal to be achieved is to destroy the entire enemy army to win, unlock the next place to continue the journey to conquer Clash World.

Explore and conquer Clash World

There are dozens of great places to play in Clash Quest. It has a beautiful view everywhere, but it also contains suspicious dangers. You won’t know who the enemy you are about to face and what special abilities it has, so always grow your army and prepare to go into battle.

At the same time, the game locations will bring many valuable resources. They can be used to update or unlock new features in the game.

Encounter giant monsters

Sometimes instead of fighting an army you will encounter giant monsters like Dragon Pope or the head of the barbarian clan. Not only do they have an enormous look, they are also very strong and have an advantage on the defensive side. You have to set up the right tactics, deploy troops with magic to defeat them. If you can win, you will get many valuable prizes.

Grow your army units

The game offers many challenges, meanwhile your units are limited in both quantity and skill. Therefore, you must find a way to recruit new units in battles and improve your strength to defeat the enemy.


Overall, Clash Quest has the most familiar units in the Clash universe. Some popular units like Archer, Golem, Wizard, Valkyrie or Dragon. They can get stronger as they gain experience points in battle. And once their new abilities are unlocked, you can teach them new combat skills and equip them with better weapons and armor.


This game has some special spells like Fireball, Swap, Charge and Log. You will need to learn the pros and cons of each. From there, decide when to use them to your advantage. Of course, all these spells can be upgraded. This will enable them to work much more efficiently.


Clash Quest is based on a 2D graphics platform with a top-down main view. Smooth blocking graphic design enhanced with previous games. Some characters are even preserved, and this will make the game look very familiar to you.

In terms of performance, the graphics are very well optimized. This helps the game run smoothly on low end Android devices.

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