College Life MOD APK (Unlimited Kisses) For Android

College Life

College Life MOD APK (Unlimited Kisses) For Android

College Life MOD APK –  is a Nutaku simulation game for 18+ about college life for schoolgirls. Download the game from the link below the article.

Present in college life

Nutaku is a publisher with lots of interesting content. The CEO of Booty Calls, 7 Angels, Booty Farm or Fap gave them a lot of reputation in the NSFW genre. Thanks to this, College Life has received a lot of attention and positive reviews from the moment it was released.

College Life.
College Life

As of now, although College Life is no longer a new game, it is still loved by many gamers. You can also install it on our website.

College Life describes the incident of a student whose university suddenly changed its principal. The new principal is a weird one, always trying to control women and find ways to kick them out of school.

When the girl’s best friend falls into a similar situation and is expelled from school, she decides to do something to help her friend and pulls the bad principal out of school.

How to play
Although College Life is labeled for ages 18 and over, its gameplay is quite similar to life simulation games. However, the topic here is more limited and revolves around the university environment of students and students. You can choose a character to play a role, then gradually explore his life, from personal life to everyday life to college setting.

Overall, College Life’s gameplay is quite interesting. The system provides a list of tasks. You can test and run them through a watch dashboard. Like creating a poster to find a lost dog, visiting a friend’s home, buying an item, or buying a new land, these are also pretty straightforward.

College Life
College Life

Of course, the story expands as you complete more missions. And then you can play the role of another character.

You can see the characters you play in the right corner of the screen. To convert, simply touch the corresponding character. Each has its own life and tasks to do. If you complete a mission you will receive a bonus when unlocking many new items and areas.

If you like Nutaku games, you can try Fap CEO Booty Calls.

Build a beautiful land
College Life includes constructive elements in addition to simulation elements. This means your character can build buildings. These buildings can revolve around the lives of characters such as houses, restaurants, cinemas or university buildings such as bookstores, pizzerias, and snacks. Of course, there are many other buildings and decorations. The world is yours in this game, make the land you’ve always wanted.

Meet new friends
You will interact with other characters during the experience. Neighbors, friends or professors from the university. You can communicate with them by touching them. Communication takes place quite naturally when the dialogue is displayed on the screen. You will choose an answer and decide on one in response.

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There are also quite a few new characters. They are all cute and attractive girls. However, you have to open them in the store.

Unlock new lands
The first time you join College Life, the land you live in is very limited. However, as you try and complete more missions, you can expand the terrain to find new friends.

College Life
College Life

There are also some very interesting scenes and content that Nutaku has designed and put into play. Let’s explore them!

MOD APK version of College Life

MOD feature
Unlimited kisses: select any building, Choose to upgrade instantly, you will get a lot of kisses. Also, Kisses does not decrease when you buy.

Download : College Life

You can download this apk file by accessing the download buttons below:

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