Coromon MOD APK 0.5.5 (Unlimited Money) Free Download


Coromon MOD APK 0.5.5 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Coromon’s deep and intriguing subject

Coromon is a game based on the classic Pokémon game everyone knows. It started in a country called Velua. Here, people called Coromon and mystical animals live together peacefully and happily. Then one day 6 Titans came naturally. Titan always has a lot of power with the intention of disrupting Velua’s natural order. The Titans of evil nature wanted Velua to plunge into battle and death.


And to deal with these Titans, a secret organization called Lux ​​Solis was born. This is a meeting place for heroic young people from many different places. Solving these challenges, you will have more points or more tools to capture Coromon more easily. They plan to gather the mighty Coromon creatures and train them to fight the Titans. There are more than 120 different types of Coromon in Velua. You can cross the two types to create a stronger hybrid from either parent.

The subject is deep, but the game is pretty easy.

The players will play as a member of the Lux Solis organization. You will be tasked with finding, taming and training as many Coromons as possible, and you will help them grow into a powerful army. Alongside other hero teenagers to destroy Titan. You can divide your army by property and damage to fight each Titan.


Since the subject is very important, you spend a lot of time watching the character and animal dialogue in the game. Follow the instructions, tap to choose the things you want. Coromon has a turn-based strategy game. If you’ve played Pokémon games before, you won’t feel unfamiliar with this game. In battle, you only need to choose each Coromon’s abilities to fight. Overall, the game is very easy to play, not something difficult to understand.

It’s not just fun about Coromon and Titan

But it’s also everywhere throughout the game. When you start playing, knowing who your character is, you can choose outfits, hairstyles, accessories, and even go to a barber to do your makeup. I find this funny, but I bet most of you liked this episode.

The land of Velua has many small places that are sand. Space, landscape, color and terrain are also constantly changing, giving you new experiences. You will meet interesting NPCs, you will have the opportunity to collect rare Coromon with superior power.

The following is about Coromon. Sure it’s still just pixel images, but you can clearly see the type specs, color and power ratings. Each Coromon has a different capture method, and you need to catch as many Coromons as possible. This variety is the main attraction of the game.


Along the way, we not only focus on collecting Coromon and fighting Titan, but we’ve also given ourselves countless different missions in the form of puzzles or minor challenges similar to the classic Pokémon game.  If you create a new profile, you have the same amount of money as the original. By solving these challenges, you will have more points or more tools to catch the Coromon easier.

Graphics and music awaken your inner child

Anyone who loves PixelArt style in old console games will definitely love Coromon. Designers worked hard to create 120 Koromones. Although they’re just pixel images, they still fully show the lines, shapes, and features of every original species in that Coromon.

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I really like the music in the game as well as the PixelArt graphics that remind me of my childhood. There are over 50 total clues embedded in every segment and situation of the game, which makes players extremely excited.

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money

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