Cover Fire MOD APK 1.21.14 (Unlimited Money, VIP 5) For Android

Cover Fire

Cover Fire MOD APK 1.21.14 (Unlimited Money, VIP 5) For Android

Cover Fire MOD APK 1.21.14 – Download and Play Cover Fire MOD APK Now – The ultimate shooting game is wreaking havoc on Google Play. Try it, make sure that the weekends will change rapidly, you will not be bored anymore.

Cover Fire
Cover Fire

Meet Cover Fire

You are bored and want to find an interesting game to entertain yourself. There are hundreds of different games now, so what’s the name worth playing? At the moment, many shooting games with different features are emerging gradually. However, Lid Fire is the standout feature. Some basic information about the game is below:

The plot in a game is always a factor in creating attraction as well as the obvious meaning of the game. So everyone is dealing with this problem before downloading and experiencing the game. Cover Fire has a new yet unique story.

The game takes us into a world of extremely mysterious colors. A force called Tetracorp is rising to take over the entire planet. At the same time, we, the resistance forces, have made every effort to fight the evil forces with our innate abilities.

Cover Fire
Cover Fire

In the game, we will represent and use the three characters alternately to overcome different situations with each person’s weapons and special abilities. You not only control the characters in it, but also have to recruit a team of soldiers with different special missions.

How to play
Cover Fire forces us to dive into history completely. We have to use a huge arsenal to tackle a variety of challenging missions. In particular, the game’s HD graphics provide a completely real and interesting experience. Spectacular action scenes with smoke everywhere offer players experiences that almost no game can. The attack style is also very realistic, with different weapons divided into specific characteristics for each type.

According to the publisher of the game, Cover Fire has a 3D Touch function. This is an extremely necessary feature in a shooter game. With simple operations, the firing stage is still carried out quickly but with high precision.

An offline shooting game
Speaking of shooting games, we cannot forget to mention the PUBG Mobile game. Protect Fire with the same gameplay, players must use their abilities and logic wisely to easily overtake gunmen. If he’s not really serious, the game will be very difficult and it will take a long time to win.

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Of course, compared to PUBG, Cover Fire is just an offline shooting game. However, regardless, these two series still have different standout features. You need to have good tactics and skills to deal with the situations the game offers you.

Not easy to win
It looks simple, but Cover Fire makes the game difficult for players. Immersing yourself in the game, you need to have a keen mindset and skills to defeat all enemies and rescue hostages. Additionally, the game allows you to improve your weapons and character skills, such as increasing reload speed, reducing gun recoil …

Cover Fire
Cover Fire

Throughout each mission, Coverfire’s difficulty increases and creates many surprises for players of the next level. If you’ve played a lot of shooting games but don’t rely too much on your aiming skills. The game can overwhelm you with seemingly impossible missions.

This game probably won the likes of the game publisher. Cover Fire, which takes over the advanced graphics platforms, is a very high quality FPS game with detailed in-game scenes. The battlefield has been designed to be uniquely designed and gives you the feeling of drowning as if you were on the battlefield. The action is also full of drama. The bullet that finishes each scene has an impressive scene and excites the actor.

Cover Fire is probably the highest graphics game for mobile phones. At the same time, the story is also new to shooting games. The game brings originality but is no less exciting and dramatic for gamers. Especially with the features brought by One Man Band, this game brings you a new experience while playing the FPS game series.

MOD APK Cover Fire Version

MOD Features
VIP 5 Unlocked – Unlocking VIP 5 gives you many benefits, including:

  1. When purchasing, increase the extra gold by 20%.
  2. Maximum energy: 15.
  3. Maximum input: 8.
  4. Maximum number of repetitions: 4.

Unlimited money: you can buy weapons, characters completely with money. Also, gold is the premium currency of the game. Our MOD version gives you an infinite amount of coins / gold. In this way, you can buy weapons, improve them, and experience their characters.

Download : Cover Fire

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