Cytus II APK 3.8.1 Free Download


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Cytus II APK 3.8.1 Free Download

Presentation about Cytus II

A real music game

Having good music is vital for a music game. And the developer Rayark, a veteran of this game genre, won’t disappoint. Cytus II songs come in a variety of genres – in addition to the J-electronic genre in the first release, the game now includes more rock music, underground alternatives, classical music, and more


. These songs are definitely not a worldwide hit, but if you’re willing to listen to them, they could be your new favorites. The game is also available from all over the world, Korea, Japan, USA, Europe, Taiwan etc. It includes more than 50 quality songs composed by musicians. Through the characters, the actors play the songs. From various genres such as electronic, rock and classical.

A virtual social network


Actually Cytus II is not just a pure music game. You will find a virtual social network in this game. Each successful game will bring your character’s experience points, and as the character levels up, a new post will appear on the social network. These show off the bold personality of each different character. For example, an idol singer like Paff only has a few quotes from official sources. By the way, a publisher like Neko is the opposite: Neko has a huge number of posts that you’ll see available almost everywhere. In addition to these two characters, the other characters in the game are related to each other. You have to be curious and willing to follow secrets in order to stick to the details and discover the whole story. Anyone who reads our stories will know that men have sex in a closed viral womb. That’s all we can say.


Design (edit)

In terms of graphics, the game is quite updated from the first version, but still has its own style. All images of effects, plot … are constructed in anime style.

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  1. Download the APK and OBB files via the link below the article.
  2. Unzip the file “”.
  3. Copy the folder “com.rayark.cytus2” to the “Android/obb” folder.
  4. Install the APK file.

Download : Cytus II

You can download this apk file by accessing the download buttons below:

APK File:


OBB File:

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