Dawn of Zombies MOD APK 2.88 (Free Craft/Build) Free Download

Dawn of Zombies

Dawn of Zombies MOD APK 2.88 (Free Craft/Build) Free Download

About Dawn of Zombies

This game features top-down perspective gameplay in the context of zombies. Currently, there are many survival games. Survival games with a zombie context often attract a lot of players because there is so much content to take advantage of. Despite having the same purpose and context, each game brings different stories to the players. Delivery From the Pain has a great story, Last Day On Earth has beautiful graphics and a variety of games. Broadcasters are always trying to give players the best possible experience.


Dawn of Zombies
Dawn of Zombies

After a nuclear disaster, radiation turns people into zombies. This epidemic is spreading rapidly to every country in the world. Use corpses, mutants, monsters, etc. to earn a living. You have to fight against many enemies included. Also, other survivors are hostile. On the border between life and death, they can do anything, even kill a stranger whose name they don’t even know.
You play the character Strider, a security guard, in Dawn of Zombies. After waking up, he cannot remember who he was or what happened. Before you think about it, you must find a way to survive the apocalypse. Zombies everywhere. In the streets, supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants … Some of the lucky ones hide in secret buildings. Somewhere in the radioactive field, having a specialist can help you regain your memory.

How to play

Dawn of Zombies
Dawn of Zombies

This game has the same gameplay as Last Day On Earth. The first thing to do in the zombie world is to create a solid foundation to protect yourself from zombies. It won’t protect you 100%, but at least you have a safe enough place to sleep and store essentials. People need to rest and eat to keep their bodies healthy. However, it is impossible to sleep well in this game. Because zombies don’t sleep. They are fearless, insensitive, and tired. If they know your location, they will attack until they die.
To survive the apocalypse you have to enter the city center. This is a radioactive zone and has a large population. They all turned into zombies, only a few survived. Fight zombies and definitely don’t let them touch you.

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This game has a mod to help you stay temporarily hidden. Zombies can’t find you while you’re hiding in the bushes. Stealth and kill them.

Weapons and equipment production

There are very few weapons there. You have to collect materials like wood, stone to make clothes, weapons and some special items. There are many different outfits in the game, from the clothes we wear every day to special clothes. Some armor can protect you from zombies. Some weapons that help you do more damage with zombies or bazookas can shoot dozens of zombies with a single bullet.
There are many ways to get the resources you want. You can explore radioactive contamination areas, kill zombies, or trade with other players. You can also find resources while visiting other players’ bases.

Survive with many other players

Dawn of Zombies
Dawn of Zombies

Dawn of Zombies is a multiplayer online game. You can work with them to build a strong foundation for everyone. On doomsday, you need all the help you can get. Zombies usually attack in large numbers. The more people, the more you will survive.
But stay alert. Not everyone is nice and not all players want to help you. They may attack you to steal the resources you have. In addition to fighting zombies, you must defend yourself from mutants and bad players online.

MOD Features

  • Max level crafting
  • Free craft
  • Free construction

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