Dead Cells MOD APK 1.60.6 (Unlimited Cells) For Android

Dead Cells

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Dead Cells MOD APK 1.60.6 (Unlimited Cells) For Android

Dead Cells MOD APK 1.60.6 –  is an action platform game that is the perfect combination of classic and modern. If you like classic games of the Metroidvania genre, you can’t miss this great game.

About Dead Cells

Currently, the Motion Twin platformer is highly praised by experts, it is now available on the App Store.

Dead Cells
Dead Cells

Indian games are becoming more and more popular and loved by gamers around the world. Motion Twin is a perfect example of this. A young and enthusiastic team of 10 members who always transform unique, new and even crazy ideas into highly impressive games.

Dead warrior
Dead Cells is good at both graphics and gameplay thanks to a combination of dramatic challenges and fluid action sequences and hack n ‘splash games.

The name of the game refers to the hero of Dead Cells: a parasite in the form of mucus enters the body of a dead warrior, revives him and so the game begins. Life is great! You may be a green mess, but the warrior’s body where you live is very flexible thanks to its smooth and sharp control mechanism.

How to play
Combined with the platform game adventure, the action wasn’t too awkward for gamers. You start the adventure with a starting weapon. Explore dungeons, upgrade weapons, unlock new weapons, fight enemies … Repeat like this, you can complete the game. Each state has mysterious stories, weapons, and energy unlocking for players.

Dead Cells
Dead Cells

The Dead Cells map is divided into several regions. Each area is sequentially divided into branches. You are free to explore every area without following the current layout like normal adventure games. After each stage, the enemy gets stronger. If you want to continue the adventure, you need to improve your weapons and skills. When fighting, remember the most important thing, “death is not the end”.

The left-hand joystick acts as a motion motion controller, while the buttons on the right help you perform certain actions such as rolling to avoid arrows or rolling over a narrow wall, jumping (and double jumping), throwing grenades, shooting. Use traps and weapons.

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These buttons are small but very well organized, so you won’t be able to hit the wrong button accidentally. Even if the layout is still not correct, you can edit the position and size of the buttons as you wish.

What’s more, in the mobile version of Dead Cells, there is also a completely new auto attack mode that helps your character into melee when an enemy is within a certain range. This is a great way to get used to the lightning fighting game in the game.

Explore the dungeon
You’ll encounter countless loot, dozens of enemies and traps as you explore devious and dangerous labyrinths. There are 3 different types of weapons you find (classified by color). And the papers will help you increase the damage inflicted by weapons and increase health.

Sometimes you get confused because there are too many options. But he tries new weapons to discover new abilities and combinations, from daring, freezing bombs to 3-way arrows, throwing swords to blocking shields. Dead Cells is constantly looking for ways to stay alert. Each level is created automatically, so each game offers a different experience. The design of the enemies will also change to ensure that it does not feel subjective. The bosses will suddenly appear among the normal monsters – they move faster, make stronger attacks, and force you to defend.

Dead Cells
Dead Cells

At some point it will crash and you will have to start from the beginning of your journey. However, there are several ways to make the journey easier. Between fields, you can swap cells you’ve collected for special items – for example, your health regeneration can be improved so you can drink more each time your blood runs out.

You can also submit found weapon design schemes here that you can unlock for purchase. If you are equipped to hold a certain amount of money, you will quickly stack up to buy high-end equipment and tackle the first levels.

Also, if you defeat some special enemies you will unlock the paranormal power that works forever. Some create reptiles out of green liquids, others help you teleport between coffins, while the third gives you the ability to jump between walls to reach new heights.

Dead Cells MOD APK version

Why should you choose the MOD APK version?
On APKMODY, you can download Dead Cells APK completely free, although this is a paid game. But if that doesn’t satisfy you, don’t worry. Dead Cells MOD APK version will satisfy you.

MOD Features

Function menu (can be turned on and off):

  • Unlimited Cells – You will have a large number of cells after using it in the game.
  • Free shopping: Your money increases when you spend.
  • The enemy does not attack

You should be careful
For the MOD version to work, when launching the game, you must select Continue to begin your journey. Don’t choose Restart.

Download : Dead Cells

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