Dead Trigger 2 mod 1.6.8 Mega Menu MOD (Unlimited Everything)


Dead Trigger 2 mod 1.6.8 Mega Menu MOD (Unlimited Everything)

Dead Trigger 2 mod – Zombie Game FPS shooter 1.6.8 is an action game developed by MADFINGER Games with more than 110 million downloads worldwide. The game is the part of the zombie series as its predecessor got a huge success. It is an award-winning game, which got the Unity Award 2012 for best zombie action and graphics. Let’s take a detailed overview to know more about this game. You can download this game at the end of this page. You can also read Asphalt 9 Legends Mega Mod APK 2.2.2a Free Download

Detail Overview

Dead Trigger 2 mega mod menu apk is upgraded version of its previous part Dead Trigger – Offline Zombies Shooter. The game is all about the Zombie’s Apocalypse in which you fight for your survival and kill endless zombies. Kill the zombie’s group in unique ways and get the chances for your survival.


It takes us to the back in 2012 when some scientific experiments went wrong and due to this, a terrible pandemic happened all over the world where humans got infected and turn into the zombies. The virus spread out so quickly around the world.

After some years the zombies become like an army and some people survived from all this and you (The main character of It is one the survival along with others including Scientist, Gunsmith, Smuggler, Engineer, and Medic. It is the First Person Shooter (FPS) game which attracts millions of users so fast.

Dead Trigger 2 mod apk offline

Dead Trigger 2 mod apk offline

Build your base for living and meet other survivors, make strategies along with Gunsmith, Smuggler, Engineer, Scientist, and medic to tackle with zombies. Also, find the cause and solution for this global pandemic.


It is an FPS game along with other factors such as horror, action, RPG, and survival. It is an open environment game, you are free to go anywhere in the game, you are not bounded to the specific tracks and locations as most of the games do not provide an open environment.

Many types of zombies are part of the Dead Trigger 2 apk, some are normal and some are special. They are special on behalf of many reasons, some are big, some are small but hard to defeat. Let’s know some hard zombies for your information such as Kamikaze (Holds explosives, enough to destroy a city), Radioactive Scientist (Mad scientist that turned into a zombie, he can suck blood from humans), and last but not least Vomitron (He can vomit toxic chemicals on you).

Dead Trigger 2 mod menu

Dead Trigger 2 mod menu

All special zombies have some weak points and once you discover their weak points, it’s easy to kill them. Unlocked 10 regions in Dead Trigger 2 infinite ammo and make plans to defeat zombies over 33 battlefields. The game consists of more than 600 war scenarios.

Weapons and Guns

Kill the zombies with 70 types of available guns and other weapons. Killing the zombies is not easy, kill them from distance by collecting the guns including powerful pistols, SMGs, Rocket Launchers, Riffles, Shotguns, and others under trail weapons.

You can use the brutal melee weapons to killing the zombies from closes such as hammers, chainsaw, machetes, wrench, swords, and bats. There are some other kinds of weapons that are available to kill the zombies, you can draw zombie’s attention and use the mines, turrets, lethal chickens, once zombies came into your trap, you can easily kill them and secure your area.


It is famous for its graphics, every character and zombies are made perfectly with beautiful visuals like in zombies movie. The area is also designed so well, you can explore the area with beautiful and stunning visuals. The impact of bullets and blasts are so real, you can feel the blood comes out from zombies while killing them. Every vehicle and house is also giving you a wonderful experience of high-quality visual effects. You can see the smoke and dust particles very clear and seems real.

Dead Trigger 2 mod unlimited money and gold

Dead Trigger 2 mod unlimited money and gold

Features of Dead Trigger 2 mod

  • Make plans for 33 battlefields from 10 regions.
  • In-Depth storytelling campaign and 600 war play scenarios.
  • Kill the zombies with 70 types of guns.
  • Kill the zombies from distance with SMGs, Riffles, Powerful Pistols, Shotguns, and rocket launchers.
  • Use brutal weapons to kill the zombies in brutally.
  • Play the game from Touch control or virtual JoyStick.
  • Use mines and lathel chickens to trap zombies.
  • An open-world environment lets you play freely.


Dead Trigger 2 mod is an FPS action zombie horror game that gives you real fun while killing endless zombies. It is an upgraded and enhanced version of its previous version. Kill the zombies with 74 types of guns in 33 battlefields from 10 regions. The game is so addictive and you can’t bored while playing the game. The most attractive side of this game is graphics, experience the HD visuals and effects in the game even smoke or dust can be seen clearly. Download Dead Trigger 2 mod apk now and experience the best FPS zombie action game.

Dead Trigger 2 God mod apk

Dead Trigger 2 God mod apk

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Technical Detail of Dead Trigger 2 mod

  • Name: Dead Trigger 2 mod
  • Category: Action
  • Version: 1.6.8
  • Android: 4.1 and above
  • Size: 26.81MB | 500.04MB
  • Developer: MADFINGER Games

Mod Features

Enjoy this MOD that doesn’t need Root with following features;

  • Unlimited bullets fraudulent
  • Unlimited feature use
  • Unlimited money

Download Dead Trigger 2 mod

You can download Dead Trigger 2 apk mod by accessing download buttons below:

APK File [MOD] 1.6.8

OBB File

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