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Delicious World

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Delicious World APK 1.20.1 For Android

Delicious World APK 1.20.1 – Do you dream of opening your own restaurant? Do you want to cook delicious food and can everyone enjoy it? Join Delicious World APK and help Emily realize her passion.

About Delicious World

This game was released by publisher GameHouse, who has a passion to create fun games for all ages. GameHouse games are all related, it’s like a long running TV show about their characters (Emily, Amber, Angela).

Delicious World.
Delicious World

The story revolves around Emily, a strong and independent girl. Emily is a talented young cook. She dreams of owning a She restaurant. Besides cooking, she also loves traveling the world. Therefore, he decided to open restaurants in different countries and cook typical dishes from each region. Emily’s food is special. She explained that her recipes included love, passion, friendship, and joy.

A romantic story
The normal restaurant management game is old, get ready for an adventure full of good cakes and glasses of wine. Delicious World takes you to discover a colorful history. Emily develops her restaurant in many different countries. In each episode, you discover the cuisine and culture of each different country. Travel the world, visit and explore Paris, Mumbai, Tokyo, Rome or Beijing.

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In addition to working at the restaurant, you will meet Emily’s interesting friends. Explore and chat with friends, family and even rivals. Can Emily find her love? Find out in this game.

How to play
Put on your gloves and cook with Delicious World – Romantic Cooking Game. In this restaurant management game, you will play a creative chef who is willing and willing to take risks. Would you like to make a tea-flavored pancake syrup to participate in a local cooking contest? Do you want to let everything you do and fly to Paris to rekindle your passion once more? Why not? Delicious World’s fascinating history will take you around the world and explore every meal.

Delicious World
Delicious World

Cook delicious food and collect stars to unlock levels, upgrade equipment and decorate the restaurant. Once you become famous in one place, continue your adventure towards new horizons. What would you like to try? Maybe the steakhouse next to the beach. Or Romanian ricotta cheese. Make sure you will be fully explored. Highly engaging (with surprisingly cute cartoon characters) Delicious World combines the restaurant management simulation genre with a romantic adventure to create a recipe for thousands of people. Bon Appetit!

Don’t let customers wait too long!
It is difficult to attract and retain customers even more. When your restaurant becomes famous and attracts a large number of customers, you have to work faster to serve the entire customer. If a customer waits too long, they will be disappointed with the restaurant’s quality of service. This greatly affects your reputation.

Decorate your restaurant
Delicious World brings you many new experiences. Besides the delicious food, customers are often attracted by restaurants with beautiful views. A beautifully decorated restaurant gives customers a relaxing feeling. The game offers you hundreds of different types of furniture and decorations.

Delicious World
Delicious World

You can design your restaurant in any style you want. A French restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere where the orchestra always plays classical music. Or do you like traditional Chinese restaurants? Feel free to design and decorate your restaurant in any style you want.

That’s what I can say about Delicious World graphics that are smooth, cute and vibrant. The game images are also carefully prepared with colorful 2D images. The look of the characters is really impressive. They are very beautiful and attractive, and their voices are also very sweet. However, the sound of the game is not very pronounced. You can help you feel like you are in a real restaurant by making the background music enjoy relaxing and romantic music.

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