Disney Heroes: Battle Mode APK 2.7.10 Free Download

Disney Heroes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode APK 2.7.10 Free Download

About Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Disney Heroes
Disney Heroes

Today I would like to introduce you to a new product from publisher PerBlue Entertainment called Disney Heroes: Battle Mode APK. No superheroes, No Avengers, this game has the theme of the hero from the One Disney cartoon. Let’s go back to your childhood with this interesting game.


The story of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode revolves around superhero characters with special abilities to appear in Disney cartoons like The Incredibles or Wreck-It Ralph. Alien armies are planning to invade Earth. They spread a strange virus that spread very quickly. Many people who tried to stop them turned into villains, including superheroes. All over the world, across the street, they’re ruining everything. As a superhero, you must find other people like you, destroy aliens, protect everyone in the world.

Family characters

Disney Heroes
Disney Heroes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode has a turn-based game. First of all, you must create a team of three characters in the game. These characters can be Superhero in The Incredibles, or members of the Frozone family, Wreck-It Ralph or Vanellope, Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, and more. As I know, there are 15 characters to unlock in the current version. Also, the publisher is actively updating many more interesting characters in the next release.

Each character has a different feature and a different power. In addition to unlocking your favorite characters, take a look at each character’s stats to see if you need them in the squad. I really like Frozone. It is great with its funny, frosting ability. Also, every time you level up, you can increase the strength of the character to be stronger and more complete. Do not forget about the game’s various equipment system.

How to play

Disney Heroes...
Disney Heroes

You have to go through every level of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, corresponding to every location in the city. Each level has 3 different stages. Use your team, destroy all enemies and you will be the winner. On the other hand, if your entire team runs out of blood, you will lose and have to play again at the beginning of the level. Your enemies can be aliens, monsters and even superheroes like Mr. Hogenson in The Incredibles.

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Design your team to tackle all the challenges in this game. I believe that the full use of power features such as defense, damage, and magic will allow you to win easily. I don’t think the game is very tactical. The stronger you are, the better your chances of winning. You don’t need to have too much control, just choose the abilities that the characters will make. This reduces the fun of the game a bit, but that’s okay.

Also pay attention to anger. After fighting for a while, your character will gain energy. They will launch a special ability full of energy that deals a lot of damage.

Cartoon graphics

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode has beautiful cartoon-style graphics. Shaped characters are very standard compared to the original version. Besides the Disney characters, there is the participation of Pixar character, which brings the special fun of this game. During the war, you will enjoy many familiar scenes.

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