Dive in the Past MOD APK 1.1 (Unlocked All Level) Free Download

Dive in the Past

Dive in the Past MOD APK 1.1 (Unlocked All Level) Free Download


Do you want to be an archaeologist?

Have you ever dreamed of the ancient world? Or was childhood contemplated many times while watching archaeological programs on cable TV? Did you dream of becoming a famous archaeologist as a kid? So this is a game for your childhood.

Dive in the Past
Dive in the Past

Diving in the past is an adventure in the past until now. The impulsive flow of life will take you, the archaeologist of the moment, on a journey deep into the ocean floor. The game starts with information about a shipwreck here in the Mediterranean. All the clues come to mind, and the transnational archeology team is starting to “set sail”.

Take a deep breath, are you ready?

This is the first line of the game at the end of the opening story entry. You start with your colleague diving into the bottom of the ocean to find out what really happened to the short-lived ships. The road to the boat is not easy, you will need to learn how to dive with professional support equipment while working underwater, learn to position your breath and communicate with your partners. But this is just the beginning of everything.

Dive in the Past
Dive in the Past

According to the rest of the report, we arrive at the modern shipwrecks. You suddenly realize that something is wrong. Some strange objects scattered around the debris take you to corners outside the ocean floor. And you realize that these are not from your time. These are antiques that were beyond your knowledge hundreds, thousands of years ago, and even so many years in the profession.

You will be surprised when you discover a diary. It may not seem like a simple diary, the notes it contains and the way it has been underwater for centuries allows you to quickly understand: This is a magical diary hidden in many mysteries.

An interesting journey between the present and the past

Intertwined with the journey, you can return to the mainland many times after a short period of work underwater. You will engage with people working in the field of archeology on newcomers to the day. To examine, observe, determine the age, the most modern and advanced technology archeology tools and equipment in the world, analyze the composition and related traces in each article.

This stage is time consuming and requires judgment and careful consideration on your part. Each product carries a specific brand. And the weird thing is that they seem connected in some way. You will be the only one who can solve this secret.

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When I get involved in underwater travel with research in the research room, there are a number of small questions and challenges that I temporarily call mini games. They are hidden in every detail, every step and every work.

Tangled hidden secrets, mysterious mixed mysterious. Finally, you discover behind the strange magical diary and a series of perfect antiques: history, an ancient complex that existed and was forgotten over time. A great discovery will be the final milestone of your journey. It seems that everything started all over again.

How much effort does it take to make this beautiful 3D game?

The graphics of the game are impressive. Think about how sad it is to dive into the water to find antiques and things don’t seem real. Playing Dive in the Past will definitely not bother everyone. I say fun, but actually the game is quite dark and a little psychological.

Dive in the Past
Dive in the Past

It was cool and fun to dive into the water at first. Every breath, every propeller, hand movement and then directing the body to the right position to reach the antiques, x100 times more realistic than anyone who has experienced diving in the sea.
One of the motivations that makes the graphics in Dive in the Past so impressive is that it’s thanks to the developer’s effort to reference, learn, and even buy the copyrights of old projects. Budva Diving (Oreste wreck), Adrias (Gnalić shipwreck), MUSAS (Baiae sunken Nymphaeus shipwreck), Bluemed ​​(Peristera shipwreck) and a series of underwater antiquities, 3D multimedia modeling from University of Calabria and Greece, Italy, Croatia and underwater cultural heritage of Montenegro countries.

MOD feature

  • Unlocked All Level

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