Doomsday Clicker mod apk 1.9.22 with Unlimited Money (Money MOD)

Doomsday Clicker mod apk 1.9.22 with Unlimited Money (Money MOD)

Doomsday Clicker mod apk 1.9.22 is an android simulation game developed by PIKPOK with 5 million downloads worldwide. It is a very addictive game where you are playing the character of villain and hero at the same time. 1st you will destroy the world and then attracts them towards your bunker and earn money. Let’s take a detailed overview to know more about this game. You can download this game at the end of this page. You can also read Clash of Clans mod apk – Unlimited Gems and Gold (Money MOD)

Detailed Overview

It is all about the destruction and construction of the earth. Play as a villain and here at the same time. Tap on the Red button and destroy the earth, then tap again and build the underground bunker, tap more, and make the bunker luxury and comfortable.

Once people find your bunker, they will knock at your door and then you can earn coins and gold by giving them residency in your bunker. You will become the leader and the benefactor of the people on earth.


You spent the years to develop a technology in Doomsday Clicker unlimited money that destroy the earth on just a single tap. One day you decided to destroy the world for your benefits and interest, by tapping on the big red button the whole earth surface has been destroyed, the survivors in chaos, they don’t know where to live and what yo eat then they will looking for someplace for food, and luxurious ways of living.

Doomsday Clicker hacked apk

Doomsday Clicker hacked apk

With this, now its time to step in by helping people and earn a lot of coins and gold. Tap again and you will get the underground bunker, tap more, and then your underground bunker will become luxury and beautiful, upgrade the bunker by tapping more and more, and offer the survivors a luxurious lifestyle.

Expand Your Bunker

Experience the joy of becoming the leader and most wealthy people on the earth. Once the earth will destroy, the survivors will be looking for someplace for food, living, and other basic needs.

They will find you, and then you will offer them a good lifestyle in your underground bunker. Make your bunker bigger so that the maximum people can fit inside, also upgrade your bunker daily, offer a luxurious lifestyle to people, and earn a lot of gold and coins which is your ultimate wish.

Interesting Characters

Meet the interesting characters in it. As you will destroy the earth, people will come to you for shelter and living, you can experience each character that will feel you better, each character has its unique abilities and qualities, you can explore them and find what they have, what they can do for you. Win their hearts and feel the joy of this ultimate destruction and construction game.

Doomsday Clicker gold hack apk

Features of Doomsday Clicker mod apk

  • Destroy the earth on just one tap.
  • Do what you want by just one tap.
  • Become the benefactor and the leader of the people.
  • Make the bunker bigger, upgrade the bunker, and earn more coins.
  • Collect bonuses whenever a stranger comes at your bunker’s doorstep.
  • Destroy the earth, build it again then, again and again, destroy the earth and built it again every time.
  • Meet with interesting characters in the game.


Doomsday Clicker mod apk is a simulation game where you are playing the villain and hero character at the same time. By tapping on the red button, the whole earth’s surface will destroy so as people will also die, some people will survive but their condition seems very bad. The doomsday survivors will be looking for someplace to live in, to have good food and peace.

They will find you by knocking at your underground bunker’s doorstep, let them in, offer them a luxurious lifestyle, and earn a lot of gold and coins. Make yourself rich and become the leader of the people. Enjoy the ultimate Doomsday Clicker game with lots of fun.

Download game Doomsday Clicker mod apk

Download game Doomsday Clicker mod apk

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Technical Detail of Doomsday Clicker mod apk

  • Name: Doomsday Clicker mod apk
  • Category: Simulation
  • Version: 1.9.22
  • Android: 4.1 and above
  • Size: 64.0MB & 81.34MB
  • Developer: PIKPOK
  • Mod: Yes
  • Need OBB: No
  • Mod Feature: Unlimited Money

Download Doomsday Clicker mod apk

You can download Doomsday Clicker apk mod by accessing the download buttons below:

APK File 1.9.21 [MOD/Unlimited Money]

APK File 1.9.22 [MOD/Unlimited Money]

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