YouCut MOD APK 1.453.1120 for Android (Latest version) For Android


YouCut MOD APK 1.453.1120 for Android (Latest version) For Android

YouCut: Let’s trim a beautiful video

You really get tired of editing videos?

Speaking of the speed of internet information transfer, it’s impossible to talk about Youtube. If all social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram stop in news lines, images and some short videos, Youtube has the power of dinosaurs in the dynamic information segment, ie in the video, without time limit. . And this is also the birthplace of many generations of talented YouTubers / Streamers that we still see.

And editing a long video to upload to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram … isn’t easy. Forget about complicated offline editing software on your computer. And you don’t need to make a successful art movie, so you don’t need to buy expensive PC equipment to edit the movie. Now all you need is a simple, easy-to-use, lightweight, easy-to-use and fast app that can create enough videos and send them instantly to these platforms. I guess that’s when you need YouCut.

What magical abilities does YouCut have?

Quickly open, trim, split videos and more


YouCut can help you quickly open all video formats, whether recorded from phones, iPads, webcams or professional cameras. Once opened, the basic operations normally performed on the video, such as trimming the video, splitting the video into smaller clips, renaming it, copying from one folder to another, can be performed quickly and easily. Specifically, you can change the aspect ratio of the clip: 1: 1, 16: 9, 3: 2, etc. This function is very useful when you want to adjust videos individually for each viewing platform.

Combine the video in one note

And thanks to open videos or short videos made up of many different videos, we can select many selected videos and combine them into a single video. During the rendering process, the application will compress the video in such a way that it is not too heavy but does NOT affect the original quality of each video.

Easily combine images and audio into video

If there’s anything in the world you want to do with your video audio, YouCut has it all:

  • Add music, audio files to the video.
  • It is very easy to synchronize audio and video with the timeline feature. One touch is done.
  • Controls the volume of each audio file added. Finally, mix them up and choose the entire audio of the video.
    Cool text effects and emojis

You can add text anywhere you need on the video screen and quickly create subtitles on YouCut. Some featured images in the video can be added to this app library with beautiful icon effects. Memes are too many, you choose freely.

FX effects and transitions are done lightly

Of course, you’ll want transitions when combining multiple videos. Here on YouCut there are many transitions to choose from. FX effects are also very diverse for all needs and genres. Fast and slow forward are also included in these effects. You can also add borders. It is not difficult to combine video effects in YouCut.

Slideshow Maker feature cannot be ignored

You can create a video in a slideshow format, which means it only uses still images, not the existing clip material. YouCut will support from A to Z, from choosing slideshow templates, adding images, adding sound / music, creating cover effects for slideshows, editing the speed of each slide. and the appearance of the effects. Just a few touches to get the finished products.

So how to compress, reformat and export files in YouCut?

This is an issue that makes video editing difficult. This inconsistency in formats and the difficulty of exporting the file can lead to various consequences, such as the video quality not being recognized or degraded. In YouCut, you can overcome this hurdle without any problems, as it features flexible file compression with many different resolution levels. It also has a feature that allows you to export files to various formats such as .mp4 HD, Full HD, or even 4K (in a Pro feature)

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As for the file compression process in YouCut, you can usually compress up to 90% capacity without losing the original quality. So you don’t have to worry.

And finally, YouCut, private messages for Instagram and TikTok fans, has a super fast feature set for everyone. In particular, you can blur animations and videos, apply color to the video, a number of transition effects are available in the gallery, convert video to square format, slow down the speed, dubbing, background effects .

MOD feature

  • Pro unlocked

Download : YouCut

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