Dragon City APK 11.7.2 Free download

Dragon City APK

Dragon City APK 11.7.2 Free download

Introduce about Dragon City

Social Point has many hit games, most of which are Monster Legends and World Chefs. And in this article, I’ll introduce you to one of the other blockbuster games, Dragon City.

Have you watched the movie How to Train Your Dragon? After thousands of years of war, humans and dragons lived happily and happily together on a large island. We can raise dragons as pets, train them, ride them around the world.

Build your dragon island

In this game, your main task is to build and develop an island for dragons. This is a beautiful island flying in the sky. Optionally, you can build islands and decorate the island, destroying stones or trees to expand the area of ​​the island.
Dragons are fire, water, earth, nature, thunder, etc. It is divided into different elements such as. Based on these elements, you need to set up the right habitat to facilitate the hatching of eggs.

Dragon City
Dragon City

Dragon Book

Your dragon collection is called the Dragon Book. There are currently more than 500 species of dragons in Dragon Book, and this number is constantly growing in weekly updates. There’s no story about dragons or why we need to build an army of dragons, but it’s very exciting to feel when you receive a rare dragon egg and wait until the egg hatches.

Every dragon has different stages of evolution. They can improve when they reach the required level. After evolution, your dragon is greatly improved with stats and one more special ability is unlocked. Also, don’t forget to equip them with the Rune Gem feature.

Create legendary dragons

You can cross two dragons to create a new dragon that has the characteristics of both parents. For example, when you switch between a fire dragon and a water dragon, you will have another dragon with both fire and water abilities.
In addition to the usual elements, Dragon City has many rare elements such as legends, shadows, lights, legends … Complete the Dragon Book collection and become the Lord of the Dragons.

PvP Battles

Once you reach the required level, the game allows you to join the PvP arena. This is where you use your strongest dragons and fight other dragon players or the game’s AI. When you win, you will get many valuable prizes such as gold and dragon eggs.

You can use up to 3 dragons in one game. When choosing your formation, rely on the elements of your opponent’s dragons. For example, water dragon is not a bad choice when your enemy has a lot of fire dragons. Also, don’t forget to use orbs in every game, you can see how your dragon gets stronger.

Dragon City
Dragon City

Great graphics

Dragon Island in Dragon City is described as a wonderful fairy land. 3D graphics with sharp images and many colors. What particularly struck me was that the game designed extremely cute and cool dragons. All these factors give you great experiences.

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