Dream House Days MOD APK 2.2.3 (Unlimited Money/Tickets/Research Points) Free Download

Dream House Days

Dream House Days MOD APK 2.2.3 (Unlimited Money/Tickets/Research Points) Free Download

Presentation about Dream House Days

Dream House Days
Dream House Days

Simple idea but not everyone dares to use it

Japan has always been a country that produces the weirdest things about arts and entertainment. The “strangeness” of the game from the Japanese studios is shown in a very subtle and engaging way. Ideas come from the trivial things in life, or characters with unimaginable shapes and backgrounds, or a deep, detailed, and complex story. Dream House Days is the first case.
It is due to the fact that up to 80% of people as workers in major cities in Japan have to rent a house. But you are not playing the role of a tenant, you are playing the role of a new hostel owner. Is this also the dream of many people out there: save a lot of money, save to buy the first house, then more houses until you own a motel? You only take care of orchids and Koi fish every day, and you collect money at the end of the month.

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But Dream House Days keep you busy too

The owner of the inn is not happy at all. As mentioned from the beginning, the game combines construction simulation and management simulation. To have the desired accommodation suite and then rent it to people, you have to work for every dollar to build the house. First, a narrator claims to be a housekeeper and teaches me how to make an initial investment to get a 4-empty room house to start decorating, renovating and improving the house to start renting.

Every word: repair, buy, upgrade, rent, choose tenants … quite complicated, not what I think a few button presses do. For example, during the rental phase, finding out who wants to rent a house takes a lot of work: finding advertising services, publishing news, distributing brochures, communicating with those who want to rent, then negotiating, signing contracts … that is part of it.

The interesting thing about this simulation game is the truth. Generally, what happened in real life, even the expression “life is not like a dream” is displayed very accurately. Along the way, when you upgrade and manage your motels, the 100001 events happen suddenly, forcing you to play mini games to solve it.

The way to accumulate points is quite weird and interesting, in my opinion, with three types to choose from depending on the stage of the job:

Dream House Days..
Dream House Days
  • Cash $: Used to buy a home, repair furniture, buy furniture for the room, and receive the tenant’s monthly rent.
    Research Points – Used for stages related to research, referral, shopping, and obtaining information about relevant documents and certificates (such as marriage certificate, health certificate, leave for accommodation work).
  • Tickets: Only to buy important items such as high-end activities, raffle lottery tickets, or to pay for a rental advertising service.
    Managing a rental house is not easy
  • If you are lucky enough to pass the construction phase, you will move into the equally difficult Management. This is when you show flexibility and evaluate your position of insight called “management skills”. Once you find a tenant, you will need to verify the accuracy of the personal information they have provided from their profession, background, education, health and habits. Each of these categories is more or less related to affordability, the level of “rebellion” (because if they have very bad habits and poor hygiene, that means maintenance of the home will be much more tiring in the future).

Face many interesting situations

Dream House Days
Dream House Days

Dream House Days didn’t forget to add some situations that made the life of the inn owner even more confusing. For example, two people living in a hostel may fall in love, move into a house, get married, and have children. He doesn’t think it will have an effect if everything goes like this. No way.

When they have children, their children go to school. Attention should be paid to documenting the baby’s location. There are so many endless stories for only one or two people to hire, not to mention the tenant count of up to 10. How many things fall from the sky you dealt with?

The game is also flexible for your clients to choose from many ways to pay the rent, there are many situations to negotiate between the landlord and the tenant to find the best solution for both parties. But once you own an inn, your ultimate goal is to make money that makes a business profitable. If you make emotional decisions, you will definitely lose money and lose the game.

So you get caught in a cycle of thinking, posing, choosing, making decisions, and then thinking about the next decision. If you have the capacity, your home will expand, even expand to more expensive locations with larger areas, and of course the rental price will go up. If you don’t have enough power, you will be wandering around a small building with little monthly money and poor tenants. Isn’t our life so endless cycles?

MOD Features

  • limited money
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Unlimited Research Points

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