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Dwarf Journey

Dwarf Journey APK 1.01 Free Download

Dwarf Journey: Is Immortality Worth Compensating Your Present Life?

My first impressions of the Dwarf Journey

The games that blend the bandit-lite genre action with survival, mobile adventure, quality and longevity, I think I only have fingers right now. Among them, Dwarf Journey is one of those rare games that meets almost all the basic needs of players of this genre. The common feature of rogue-lite action games is that levels are generated randomly. Although it may seem simple, with actions such as searching, attacking the enemy, leveling up, combining resources, gathering resources to upgrade everything, then continue searching, attacking the enemy …

Dwarf Journey
Dwarf Journey

But at each step, each of your choices affects whether the system will make the next levels available or randomly. In short, you are going from A to B today, but the next day you will go from A to C, not to B. So the essence of these games is that the story and story must be really deep. sensible and well chained. Dwarf Journey is like other games of this genre in creating random perspectives, but everything is different due to the deep story and rich premise for each character’s passage.

Is the Dwarf Journey a fool’s adventure or the smartest person in the world?

The story begins with a passage. The history of thousands of years ago told a story about an artifact that could give immortality to the person who first found it. The last place to see the artifact is in the mysterious cave in Infinity Valley.

Our main character is an ordinary dwarf who works as a lumberjack, with only an ax and a pickaxe. In a narrow escape from death, he has the desire to live forever to enjoy all the fun in the world. And for this he found antique clues in the legend. Thus

Dwarf Journey
Dwarf Journey

begins the most stupid adventure of the year.

As you transform into the main character Lumberjack Gallar, you will travel on your journey with the following main vehicles and abilities:

Take down the first enemies with axes and pickaxes, experience increases, new customizations are unlocked for the Wels and skills are also improved.
The loot from each battle is better equipment or special resources to create a powerful new weapon.
Along the way, look out for the runes around the cave, which often contain additional abilities useful for the journey ahead.
Often, we have to choose between what the game has to offer and the way we explore in order to change the way we play. In the beginning you didn’t like this feature, but later players think that changing you will always make the game new and you will always refresh yourself.

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Since the battles are completely random for the above selections, the final boss can hide somewhere behind one of the doors in front of him. Of course, the manufacturer has cleverly placed the emblem that defines the game’s super big boss, but it’s up to you whether you recognize it or not.

The game loses me in my thoughts

I did not play this game until the end. But based on what some friends have told me, I can sympathize with their thinking.A friend of mine told me: “Actually I don’t know if I’ll be happy or sad after I play. This feeling is very complicated. Lightning flashed when I held the lost antique in my hand. I don’t know if I was truly immortal from that moment, just knowing that after that mysterious light, everything around me was sunk into darkness. I am still in the present that I created myself and left behind in the past ”. This means that you will experience ups and downs, pains, troubles and joys in life, even as you live forever. Have you seen the “Goblin”? There has never been a story of immortality with a happy ending. The person who never died will suffer a painful loss due to the loss of friends and family in turn. Even if you don’t want to, you will see them disappear, feeling powerless to give up everything, wanting to forget everything. There are times when you want to grow old and then die with them to bury their love for each other. But this doesn’t work. You will still be alive, the pain and the loss will accumulate more until your heart turns to stone and your soul is just broken pieces of time. This is the tragedy.

Dwarf Journey
Dwarf Journey

But the Welsh is the man who started his own long tragedy and got stuck in the dead end. I keep walking through the game, listening to my friend’s story and wondering what I am fighting for. Was it just a momentary joy or did the Wels really want to find immortality on the other side of the valley?

Nobody knows what will happen because of the leveling mechanism.

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