Elly and the Ruby Atlas 1.3 Apk + Mod (Gold) For Android Data

Elly and the Ruby Atlas 1.3 Apk + Mod (Gold) For Android Data

Elly and the Ruby Atlas 1.3 Apk – Elly and the Ruby Atlas is a FREE OFFLINE adventure RPG that puts you in the shoes of an explorer from the age of pirates. You play as Elly, the young captain of a ratchet, who must trade and fight to bring a vile pirate to justice and recover a prized family heirloom. Travel to dozens of cities, trade valuable goods and resources, defeat enemies, upgrade and customize your ship and equipment! The world is yours to discover!

Elly and the Ruby Atlas,

Elly and the Ruby Atlas,

Brave, determined, and with a sharp mind, Elly is ready to fight and regain justice! Find unique blueprints for items, craft epic weapons and armor, equip them and use them against your enemies.

Take good care of your boat so that it can travel the seas and withstand incursions and dangerous weather conditions. Recruit, upgrade, customize, and increase your cargo capacity to maximize your business profits. Not to mention, it’s your home for inventory and crafts.

The enemies you will encounter have two main factions: pirates and colonists. Enemy type influences behavior and fighting style in this free offline RPG. Also, enemy bosses will be armored, so you will need to break armor pieces with combo attacks.

Trading is the most effective and rewarding way to get some gold. Each of the more than 20 cities has its own economy that produces or consumes certain goods and follows the logic of supply and demand. There are 10 goods that can be traded and all you need to do is buy low and sell high.

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Our offline adventure RPG is a tribute to the days when games were focused on single player and did not feature suspicious micro transaction systems. It is inspired by classics like the Port Royale series and many other side scrolling titles. While it can be difficult at times, Elly and the Ruby Atlas is designed to be an exploratory fantasy, a free offline RPG in which you are the captain of a sailing ship from a distant era. Trade, fight, navigate and discover a world that was created with love and long hours of hard work.

And above all, have fun!

Game Features:

  • Supply and demand trading system
  • Inventory and processing systems
  • Travel and encounter statistics checks
  • Full ship customization and upgrade
  • Reflex-based combat with gesture combos
  • Unique story missions
  • 40+ achievements
  • Completely free with no in-game purchases
  • No ads in the game
  • Can be played offline


Explorers, we’ve been paying attention to how they interact with our game and it was clear that we needed to do a better job showing the various mechanics of the game.
These are the full patch notes:
• New and improved tutorials
• Enemy balance
• Combat variation in music
• Fixed an issue that caused the player to block without pressing the button
• Added glow effect to combo button for when you’re ready to use
• Improvements in the user’s interface

Elly and the Ruby Atlas

Elly and the Ruby Atlas

Download : Elly and the Ruby Atlas

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