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Elune APK

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Elune APK 2.11.6 Free Downolad

Elune APK is the success of their role-playing game series, GAMEVIL continues to launch Elune APK for players to continue exploring new stories and lands. Does it deserve the wait of players who love the role-playing game?

Introduce about Elune

As the gaming industry became increasingly saturated and lacking in ideas, GAMEVIL emerged and breathed new life with a breakthrough in games and graphics. Before that, Talion had a lot of success. And Elune?


From the beginning, the universe was just an empty, lifeless space. Thanks to chaos, order is established. The creator created a first dimension called Astoria, then created creatures of the same size. But he did not expect the chaos to create another hidden dimension along with many monsters. They are ruthless, always trying to create conflict, and this puts Astoria at risk of extinction.

Elune APK
Elune APK

The creator did not allow his children to be killed. Once again he created guardian warriors, called out to Elune, and gave them strength. Order and peace are becoming more and more fragile in Astoria. As an Elune warrior, can you undo the results that occurred during the creation of the universe?

How to play

The game begins in the ancient forest called Astoria, where life began. The place of ancient history is known as the place of elves and wild peoples. Here you will explore with three friends, Lyn, Lato and Medina.
As seen in the first fight with the bees, this game features role-playing and turn-based games. You control a group of heroes, trying to cross areas to improve the story and unlock new functions. Elune will provide you with the information and instructions it needs to know what’s going on.

As mentioned, Elune is a turn-based RPG. We have two things to say about this. First, about tactics. The game characters are properly designed so that you can customize your tactics in battle. A team that is weaker in numbers and less advantageous still has a chance to win if there is a well-organized and well-planned attack. Second, the game has made minor changes, but that’s enough to make a big difference. Your heroes use their abilities with enemies, they can block it and can instantly counterattack like their own turn.


Elune is a game under 100MB in size, but its graphic design, features, and characters are extremely professional. Based on the initial information provided by the developer, you can explore a collection of 200 heroes with different lineages, races, and classes. This also means they have great skills and you can apply them to the overall strategy of the team.

Elune APK
Elune APK

To make it easy to imagine, check out the Medina. She’s a great apothecary, a skilled witch who can help improve everyone’s health. Meanwhile, Lyn is an angel, his attacks bring soul points so the warriors in the group can use their abilities with a better performance. And Lato is a hero with excellent ability both in strength and defense.

There are many other talents as well. They will emerge in the future, perhaps new lands you are preparing to explore, but it could also be in a different dimension than Astoria. Don’t think too much, try to fight and do quests, because the rewards are also very valuable!


Not only are the characters different, but each can be upgraded to be stronger. Level up, upgrade skills and equipment. These events improve indicators of personal strength, health, defense, and attack performance. At level 20, Medina was able to restore 50% of an ally’s health instead of the assumed 25%.


Not only in Astoria, but in many other countries and dimensions, they are driven into chaos by the forces of evil. If you’d like to help, visit the “Challenge” section listed on the main screen. There, there are boss battles on Elune’s battlefield or on other dimensions. It also includes some new adventures not covered in the story.
But keep in mind that the rules are not like Astoria and the difficulty level is much higher!

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