Empires & Puzzles APK 36.0.1 Free Download

Empires & Puzzles

Empires & Puzzles APK 36.0.1 Free Download

Introduce about Empires & Puzzles

As mentioned above, Empires & Puzzles is the product of a combination of RPG elements and a match-3 puzzle. The Match-3 game should be very familiar, players have to move to break 3 similar objects. But it is not a match-3 and scores normally, breaking objects in this game will energize the characters and help them attack their opponents.

However, this is not the main goal of Empires & Puzzles. Your strength is in your team of heroes. With so many heroic characters and different strengths, you will have to find and combine them to form the strongest squad. A strong fighting power will help you protect and build your own empire. Consequently, if its power is not defeated, it can be the hegemony of the entire kingdom.

How to play

Empires & Puzzles takes you to a pristine land where you start to build your own empire. Initially, the player initially chose the characters through the magic door to form a team. And you can only choose low-level heroes who are not very strong. These characters are only suitable initially for fighting weak bosses. One thing you should know is to pay attention to the color of the champion you choose in battle. In each battle, regardless of the colored stones you break, the corresponding champion of that color will increase the mana to use your casting abilities.

Empires & Puzzles
Empires & Puzzles

Don’t focus too much on the monsters though, you are still tasked with building and turning your land into a solid and massive castle. To construct buildings, you must collect reinforcement items including meat and metal. You have to build farms, mines and mine workers there to get them. Meat allows you to build fortified metal castles while helping you upgrade heroes and develop some buildings.

Character system

The characters in Empires & Puzzles are varied in both elements and strength. They are divided into 2 classes with the enhancement character system and the damage character system. Upgraded characters have abilities like healing, damage boost, energy boost for allies. Some characters in the upgrade system may be named Vivica, Friar Tuck, Isarnia, or Renfeld. Damaging champions like Inari, Lianna, Elena have the ability to deal damage with a variety of abilities, such as dealing damage as a percentage of maximum health, stuns.

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The strength of the characters is divided by the star, the 5-star character is the strongest and most difficult to find. However, sometimes the abilities of each new character are really important in squad formation. So don’t miss your chance to recruit a new character. Collecting characters is a long process, as there are hundreds of different characters in Empires & Puzzles. In particular, each character has a rather expensive ignition system, so focus on your favorite character.

Build your empire

Being really strong at Empires & Puzzles is a long process. Right from the start, once you understand how to play, you have a lot of work to do. For example, fight monsters, build basic structures. Especially construction sites with specific functions. Besides metal mines and farms, training grounds and blacksmith shops are two important structures. This is where you can increase the strength of the characters and create items. This is also a place where you can test the squad and discover the strength of the characters you have.

You can collect hero cards through daily activities, shops to recruit more new hero characters. And on special occasions like Christmas, you can recruit rare and extremely powerful heroes. The most powerful generals when they are raised to the maximum level. However, the upgrade process for each champion (especially 5-star generals) is very long and expensive. You must also develop war strategies by uniting the heroes.

Arena PvP

Empires & Puzzles has a large number of battlefields that players can try out in challenging battles. Raid is the most popular mode, it allows players to storm the enemy’s castle and fight their armies. Additionally, players can team up to form groups to battle mighty Titans and compete for massive loot.

If you like to play a story, you can go on daily quests to explore legendary dungeons. Wars are the place of strong and sharp tactics. Winners always receive rare and high-quality prizes.


With colorful and vibrant 3D graphics, Empires & Puzzles takes you into a majestic and mysterious fantasy world. The monsters are meticulously designed and detailed only in your imagination they will thrill you. The most special is the different set of person.

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