Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK 1.5.00 Unlimited Money Free Download

Epic Battle Simulator 2

Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK 1.5.00 Unlimited Money Free Download

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Epic Battle Simulator 2
Epic Battle Simulator 2 play

Fast paced tactical game
Basically, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 has the same gameplay as the first session. You will place thousands of soldiers on one side and then send them to attack thousands of soldiers on the other side of the battlefield. This is what happens throughout the game.
But before engaging in such a dramatic and wide-ranging fight, it is necessary to practice to understand the mechanism of action and gain experience. Level – The game’s main mode is the ideal place to do this. You start off with small individual battles with just a few units. Then as the number increased, new warriors were unlocked, the cover increased, and that’s when the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 drama was taken to the extreme. In terms of gameplay, I’ll talk in a summary. During the game, you can learn interesting things on your own.

About the control, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 has a simple mechanism. Select the relevant unit from the menu at the top of the screen, then tap the boxes on the battlefield to knock them down. If you want to get them back, move them somewhere else, tap again. When the ranking is complete, press the arrow icon to start the battle.

As the war progresses, you cannot intervene in the war. All you have to do is move around the battlefield with the virtual D-Pad button. The camera is in third person perspective and can be moved far, near, up and down anywhere. I often use this feature to observe troops fighting and to evaluate their skills. From there, learn from experiences and lessons to play better.

Epic Battle Simulator 2
Epic Battle Simulator 2

Tactics are the main factor
This is not just a strategy that makes sense. It has a fun element of the sandbox genre when the characters are molded and beautifully crafted. However, if you want to earn more in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2, you need to create good game tactics. The developer has updated the game on this, allowing you to create your own campaigns. However, to do this, you must understand the nature of the units. For example, what comes to your mind first when you encounter an army of infantry, artillery and catapults? They are strong, aren’t they? But on the other hand, they are very slow and they have to get close to the opponent to attack. Meanwhile, a group of archers combined with cavalry can bring you victory.

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Tactics are also related to squad formation. For units with fast movement or remote attack capability, you should leave them behind. Units that move slowly or can only attack at close range should be positioned near the border between the two armies.

Actually, strategy is an abstract concept and I cannot tell you which units to use when and when it will work. It depends on how you see and think. You will know what to do while watching on the battlefield.

Hundreds of units for you to change tactics
Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 has an incredibly diverse collection. There are generally six types of units: Melee, Ranged, Cavalry, Heavy, Special, and Epic. Each type contains dozens of units that you can use.

Each unit has its corresponding stats: attack, attack speed, movement speed, hit rate, health, and teamwork ability. If you want to see the details, you can double tap them to check.

You also have to pay a fee to call a unit. So when you enter the war, the system will give you a certain amount of money. You will use this money to buy soldiers. For 1000 coins, you can buy 10 guards at 100 for each guardian. Also, it costs Berserker 120, Cannon 300, Archer 60 or Camel 120 units.

Finally, there is an update function. This feature helps existing units to increase their stats and combat their performance. You can check the upgrade cost and available units in the Upgrade Joints section of the main screen.

Multiplayer and some other cool modes.
If you want to experience more, you can play online PvP mode or epic levels. In it, you need to create an account with the corresponding nickname, username and password for the system to add identity and relate friends with others. This mod also brings a lot of bonuses when you hit the success milestones of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2.

The Epic Levels mode will be unlocked when you pass level 50. Here the scale of combat is the greatest: you will face legends and you will hardly ever get lost. In general, this mod is difficult and there is no margin for error. If you are inexperienced and do not have a specific campaign, you will get off the battlefield very quickly.

Epic Battle Simulator 2
Epic Battle Simulator 2

Take part in large-scale battles
According to the developer, a battle in Epic Battle Simulator 2 can have 1.3 million characters simultaneously on the battlefield. This is actually the craziest number I have ever heard. Sometimes I also wonder if my device will be able to eliminate all these activities or it will crash or lag. Experience shows that Epic Battle Simulator 2 is well optimized, the experience is completely smooth. The units are not only humans, but also animals like elephants, dragons, dinosaurs … This makes episode 2 more diverse than before.

Stunning 3D graphics
Based on my review, Epic Battle Simulator 2 may not be a simulation game with good visual graphics design, but it is very well optimized to run on mid-range Android devices. Character and context are generally polished, with more impact and better motion rendering. Overall the game is well designed and bug free with a good user interface.
MOD feature
Unlimited money – you have a lot of money.

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