Epic Conquest mod apk 5.8e (Unlimited Ruby/Unlimited Gold)

Epic Conquest mod apk 5.8e (Unlimited Ruby/Unlimited Gold)

Epic Conquest mod apk 5.8e is an action RPG game developed by Gaco Games with 1 million downloads worldwide. It is an RPG game with some parts of action and story, experience this epic RPG game with a lot of features. Let’s take a detailed overview to know more about this game. You can download this amazing android game at the end of this page. You can also download Zero City mod apk (One Hit Kill)

Detailed Overview

It is a classic action RPG single-player game with some parts of story and combat, this will give you a whole new experience which you have never had other offline RPG games. Everything is free in this epic game, you don’t need to purchase items, all you have to do is to make a lot of effort to earn all stuff.

Amazing Story

Experience an amazing romantic story that will give you a new level of enjoyment. The game is filled with Visual Novel style dialogue with great character expressions. Throughout the story, you will find beautiful and stunning CG Illustration that makes characters real. In the end, try to uncover the epic ending.

Epic Conquest mod apk latest Version

Epic Conquest mod apk latest Version

Variety of Character Build

Match your play style by classic states attribute distribution such as STR, INT, AGI, and VIT in Epic Conquest mod apk unlimited ruby. Get a wide range of character build and get customizable gear status.

Strategic Combat

Be the part of strategic and intense combat, learn the behavior of your enemies, and always ready to find a chance to strike enemies. You can select 4 different playable characters, each character have a different play style. You have full control over this game, there is no autoplay system available meaning you have Fluid Control System.

You can play 4 different levels of difficulty, to get more rewards you have to beat a harder difficulty level. The more harder level the more reward points you will get.

Use Skills and Become Strong

Each character in this game has innate abilities which make their play style different. You can unlock 4 masteries and skills by level up. Match your build by distributing mastery points wisely, also use your skills to make your skill stronger and harder.

Weapons and Classic Blacksmith

Every action RPG game has a blacksmith where players can make deadly weapons, gears, and other stuff. This game also has classic blacksmith for players, get materials by killing enemy bosses, and use this material for crafting on the classic blacksmith. Make your gears more powerful 20+ by upgrading them common to rare, and rare to epic.


Epic Conquest mod apk premium

Epic Conquest mod apk premium

Customize Your Character

Customize your character by changing the costume and appearance of your character. Make your character stylish and attractive, this will make his/her stronger and your character will get a decent boost in power.

Features of Epic Conquest apk mod

  • Simple and awesome graphics.
  • This game is very light and you can even play on old devices.
  • You can play offline anywhere.
  • Experience this awesome game without ads.
  • Customize your character and make him/her stronger.
  • Use the player’s skills and make them strong.
  • Get a wide range of character build.
  • Be the part of an amazing romantic story.


Epic Conquest apk mod is an action RPG game with an awesome and romantic epic story. A wide range of character build with classic stats attributes distribution and customizes gear status. You can customize your character, make their appearance attractive, and make them stronger. Play with 4 different characters, each has a different and unique playstyle. There are also 4 difficulty levels, play a harder level, and earn more reward points. Defeat your enemy bosses and get useful craft, use these crafts, and make useful gears and weapons using classic blacksmith. Get Epic Conquest download now and enjoy the best RPG android game.

Epic Conquest mod apk unlimited ruby

Epic Conquest mod apk unlimited ruby

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Technical Detail Epic Conquest apk mod

  • Name: Epic Conquest mod apk
  • Category: RPG
  • Version: 5.8e
  • Android: 4.1 and above
  • Size: 131.89MB
  • Developer: Gaco Games
  • Mod: Yes
  • Need OBB: No
  • Mod Features: Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Ruby

Download Epic Conquest apk mod

You can download Epic Conquest apk mod by accessing the download buttons below:

APK File 5.8e [MOD]

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